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How many photos will a 16gb memory card hold?


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262144 photos for normal photos in a mobile phone..

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The average photo is 0.293 MB. Converted to GB, 0.293MB is 0.0002861328125GB. To find out how much a 16GB memory card can hold, simply divide 16 by 0.0002861328125. The answer is 55198.09. Therefore, a 16gb memory card can hold approximately 55 198 pictures, assuming the average photo size is 0.293 MB. However, keep in mind that memory cards are never exactly 16gb, and will most often be slightly less (like 15.2 GB). Also, HD photos will take up more space, whereas lower resolution photos will take less space.

Because that is a very small memory card.

A lot! Honestly, with some good quality, anywhere from 2,500-10,000

how many pictures does a 1Gb memory card hold how many pictures does a 1Gb memory card hold This is mainly depending on the size of the photos you are going to store. If its size is less than 250KB, you can store up to 3500 photos.

It depends on how many megapixels you are using. 16GB can hold approximately 2,500 -10,000 pictures.

The nikon coolpix camera hold nine pictures without the memory card>

A 32 megabyte memory card can usually hold around 25 photos. However, a 10 megapixel photo will take up more space than a 5 megapixel photo therefore, this size memory card will only be able to hold 6 or 7 pictures.

A 16GB flash drive can hold 4x as many files as a 4GB flash drive. I would recommend a 16GB.

Yes it can work with MicroSD cards with 16gb of capacity. Source: i think no man... it can only support up to 8gb...

The number of color pictures that can be stored on a 2GB memory card will vary depending on the megapixels and file size of the photo. It can vary between 1430 photos when the photos are 4 MP and have a file size of 1.2 MB to 260 photos when the photos are 22 MP and have a file size of 6.6 MB.

A 10-megapixel camera however will be able to store approximately 650 pictures on a 2 GB memory card.

It depends on the file format and resolution of the photos. Photos are usually stored in the .jpeg file format. If so, a 12 mega pixel photo has a size of 3-4 mb and a 2gb card can approximately hold 500-650 photos.

It depends on the size of the photos

Approximately 2000 photos, even though its depends on your picture depth.

The higher your megapixel , the more memory a picture would take up.With 12mp you would probbably hold 5-10 picturesI would recommend using a memory card with at least 1GBof memory.

If you are shooting in Jpg format, what most people use, and each photo is 12 mega pixels the average size of each photo will come out to be about 2.5 MB, allowing the card to hold about 798 photos. If you were shooting in raw each photo would be a size of about 18 MB allowing you to fit about 112 photos on the card. So if you shoot in raw and empty your card frequently a 2 GB memory card will fit enough photos in with no prob. I have a 2 GB card and shoot Jpg and have never ran out of room.

The amount of pictures that any memory card can hold depends on the settings of the camera that it is in. In general a 14.8 MB memory card may hold 120 pictures.

It can store round about 400 pictures / photos by using the DSi's built in memory.

Assuming a standard JPEG format, a 32GB card can store approx. 6539 14MP photos.

32-bit OS can only hold up to 4GB of memory. 64-bit OS can hold up to 1TB of memory, most motherboards can only hold from 12 to 16GB of memory.

A lot x4 as much as a 4GB and probably too much if ur using for a phone my computer one is only 4 and i haven't used

What type of file is it, how many megapixels, what the quality of the picture is, etc... it depends on the quality of image

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