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He painted 1189 paintings.

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Q: How many pictures did Claude Oscar Monet paint?
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Related questions

How many pictures did Claude Monet paint?

this is not a name 72 wold be if you said Claude Monet

How was Claude Monet's childhood?

Claude Oscar Monet grew up in Le Marve and loved to paint a lot y'all

Did Claude Monet mostly use paint for his pictures?

Yes, oil paint.

Which artist paint Water Lilies?

oscar-claude monet painted water lillies

What did Claude Monet like to paint?

Claude Monet liked to paint landscapes.

Why did Claude Monet become an artist?

Claude Monet became an artist because even as a child he liked to paint. He would paint pictures of the sea and they would be displayed in an art supply store near his home.

Why did monet like to paint?

claude monet liked to paint waterlilyes

What style did Claude Monet paint in?

Claude Monet"s style was Impressionism and Modern art

What were Claude Monet's materials used for painting?

Claude Monet's materials were usually oil paint and canvas.

When did Claude Monet start to paint?

Monet was 10 years old when he first started to paint.

In the painting Waterlilies what what kind of paint did Claude Monet use?

Claude Monet did a whole series of waterlily paintings and they are all done with oil paint.

Where did Claude Monet learn to paint?

; : In 1858 Claude Monet met Eugène Boudin who encouraged him to paint out of doors. ; : In 1859 Monet came to Paris and entered the Swiss Academy for painting tuition.

Did Claude Monet's parents paint?


Who did Claude Monet paint for?

The Salon.

Did claude monet paint water lillies?


How manny paintings did Claude Monet paint?

Claude Monet painted about 1,189 paintings in his lifetime (1840-1926).

Why did Monet paint Venice twilight?

Claude Monet wanted to paint Venice Twilight as he loved to paint nature and landscapes. it was his passion!

Why was Claude Monet famous?

Claude Monet was famous for reflection and working with light. Also, he loved to paint nature and the outdoors.

Why did Claude Monet paint the way he did?


What Year did Claude Monet start to paint?

Claude Monet first painted one of his first masterpieces in 1891 (Impression Sunrise).

What did artist Monet like to paint?

Claude Monet is famous for his water lilies paintings.

Did Monet's family paint?

No, Monet's family didn't paint. However, Monet's mother, Louise-Justine Aubre Monet, was a singer and it was her love of art that helped inspire Claude Monet to become an artist.

What subject matter did Claude Monet choose to paint?

Mostly all of Claude Monet's paintings had to do with nature and gardens. My favorite is "Fisherman's Cottage"

What type of art did Claude Monet paint?


Did Claude Monet use oil paint?

yes he did