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This depends on the MegaPixels of the picture you are currently taking, the higher the MegaPixels (Resolution of the picture, more pixels the higher the MP is) the more space it will take up. I'm guessing it is a fairy low MP camera since it only has 2MB of space. Or if this is a typo and you mean to say MP. If it is 2MB of space, I would guess 20 at max, if it is 2MP and you have a place to add a Compact Flash card or some other type of solid state memory, the amount of pictures available are endless.

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2mb sd card for 10.1 megapixel camera?

That is way to small of an sd card for that type or camera. You will probably be able to take only a few pictures. Try to at least get a 256mb sd card, that will hold a lot more pictures.

How many pictures on a 2MB memory card in 12 megapixel camera?

2 MB is nothing You may squeeze in one picture.

How many photos fit on a 1gb card?

* 2 megapixel camera = 0.9MB1GB = 1024MB1024MB/0.9MB = 1137 Pictures* 3 megapixel camera = 1.2MB1GB = 1024MB1024MB/1.2MB = 853 Pictures* 4 megapixel camera = 2MB1GB = 1024MB1024MB/2MB = 512 Pictures* 5 megapixel camera = 2.5MB1GB = 1024MB1024MB/2.5MB = 410 Pictures* 6 megapixel camera = 3.2MB1GB = 1024MB1024MB/3.2MB = 320 Pictures* 7 megapixel camera = 3.7MB1GB = 1024MB1024MB/3.7MB = 277 Pictures* 8 megapixel camera = 4.2MB1GB = 1024MB1024MB/4.2MB = 244 Pictures

How many digital pictures will a Powershot S2-IS digital camera hold?

It depends on the quality you have the camera set at. At the Super Fine setting, each photo will be around 2mb. It comes with 16mb of storage, so you can take around 8 photos. Go down in photo quality and it will hold more. You can go to the Canon official site to get the full specifications.

How many pics will a 2mb memory card hold?

if you meant a 2gb, it'll hold about 500 hi-res images. if you meant a 2mb, it maybe will hold 1 low-res.

How can you upload your pictures on your Friendster account with more than 2mb without resizing?

how to upload your pictures on your friendster account with more than 2mb without resizing

How many photos can 250 GB hold?

How many objects can fit in a sack? Obviously it depends on the size of the objects. Dive 250GB by the size of the picture and you get how many photos it can hold. 1GB = 1000MB 1MG = 1000kB If a picture has a size of 2MB then you divide 250000 by 2 and you get 125000 pictures. If it has 500kB then you divide 250000 by 0.5 and you get 500000 pictures.

How many pictures can 2 Mb versus 4 GB?

100+ if compacted for the 2Mb and 800+ for the 4Gb

How many pictures will a 8Mb sd card hold?

This very much depends on the size of the photograph. The file of a photo depends on the number of megapixels the camera has; for example a 6MP camera will save at about 2mb per picture. However, free programs such as Irfanview will allow you to save the photograph with compression to around 500kb. Obviously this will affect the quality of the picture but it's not all that obvious in a lot of cases.

How many pictures will 8GB hold?

The number of pictures depends entirely on the size of each picture. Here are some guides: Picture size 100KB - up to 80 000 pictures. Picture size 500KB - up to 16 000 pictures Picture size 1MB - up to 8 000 pictures Picture size 3MB - up to 2 600 pictures Pictures found on the web tend to be relatively small, around 100KB to 500KB is typical. Modern cameras often produce a picture size of 2MB or more depending on the way the camera is set up. A professional camera may produce image sizes of 5MB or considerably more.

How many pictures can a 8gb memory stick hold at 4 megapixels?

A 4 M pixel camera with moderate jpeg compression will make images in the 0.8 Mb range.Ten thousand 2 Mb images fit into 8GbWith no compression and a color bit depth of 24 you can expect 2Mb per image and so four thousand images

How many pictures can a 128MB memory card hold in a 5.0 mega pixel digital camera?

My Fujifilm Finepix digi-cam gives me 640 shots at 12 Mega-pixels on a 2MB card. After doing some quick conversions, I reckon you should expect around 200 shots from a 5 Mega-pixel cam with a card that size.

How many songs can 988 mb hold?

depends how big your songs are! if they're 1mb, then 988, 2mb then 494, etc.

Which is faster 512k broadband or 2MB broadband?

2MB. There are 2000k in 2MB.

How many pictures and movies can 500gb external hard drive hold?

More pictures than you could imagine. 500gb is 500,000 mb. A picture is about 1 mb. I would say average is .5-2mb. Depends on quality. Songs are about 4mb each. like 1mb per minute. A movie can be anywhere from .5-1gb easily.

How many photos can 8 GB SD card hold?

It would depend on the resolution of the photograph, but a few thousand photos. A "high resolution" photo on your iPhone or modern Android phone will take about 2MB in size, so 4000 such pictures would fit on an 8GB card.

How many pictures on 2GB memory card in 8 mega pixal digital camera?

2GB card will hold ~585 pictures of 8 megapixels.2 gigabyte (GB) = 2 billion bytesThe size of the image depends on whether the image format is compressed or not so a 8 megapixel image could range from ~2MB to ~24MB per picture. Assume on average ~3.4 MB per image.Here's table showing number pictures of varying sizes:quality in 2GB-----------------------------------2mega pixel...........2275 pictures3..............................17064..............................10245 ..............................8166.............................. 6408 ..............................585

How many pictures fit on a 2gb memory card?

The answer is one or many depending upon the resolution of the image! I have images that range from 12KB to several Megabytes. If you have 2MB images, then you can roughly store 1000 images.

What size memory card is best for cameras over 8 megapixels?

For an 8 megapixel camera I would suggest a 2MB memory card,

How many pictures will a 1GB memory card hold at 5.1 mega pixels?

It depends on the compression setting (may be normal, fine or superfine on your camera) that you use when creating the pictures. This assumes you are recording as jpegs and not RAW files, which are much larger. At the maximum resolution (probably around 2592x1944 for your camera) at low compression (high quality) the file size should approach 2MB per picture. You should be able to record over 1100 images. See for a comparative chart. The 1.3 megapixels has nothing to do with the amount of storage your camera has. The amount of storage in your camera depends on its internal memory, as well as if you have a flash card for additional storage. The 1.3 mp camera I just bought has 8mb internal memory which equals about 60 pictures, if that gives you any meter on which to judge. The megapixels are the amount of pixels for each picture... the more megapixels, the better quality and more detailed the image.

How many 60kb jpg files can be stored on a 2mb folder in your hard drive?

2MB = 2048kB2048kB/60kB per file = 34 files, with 8kB to spare.

What is the width and height in pixels of a 2MB photo?

Approximately.... 1MB = 200KB 2MB = 400KB

2203 KB how many MB?

2MB, though that isn't much of anything.

How many bits and bytes of 2MB of RAM?

16777216 bits 2097152 bytes

How many MB equals 200 KB?

A MB is 1000KB. Therefore, 200KB = .2MB