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500 concertos, 21 operas, and 90 sonatas Also many choral works.

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What pieces did vivaldi compose?

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How many pieces of music did wolfgang Mozart compose in his lifetime?


How did antonio vivaldi become famous?

he was an Italian composer who wrote over 700 pieces

How many pieces did vivaldi compose?

500 concertos, 21 operas, 90 sonatas, and a lot of choral music.

What are some of Antonio Vivaldi pieces?

Some of Vivaldi's most famous pieces are: The Four Seasons, his Bassoon Concertos, and his Lute Concertos.

How many pieces of music did Mozart compose in his lifetime?

Over 600 works/songs

What are some pieces composed by Antonio Vivaldi?

He wrote the Four Seasons, which are well known - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

How many pieces did Aaron Copland compose?

Over 100 during his lifetime. A list of his compositions can be found at the link below:

What pieces did Beethoven compose?

what did he compose

What are the pieces that compose the lithosphere?

Tectonic Plates compose the lithosphere

What were pieces Antonio Vivaldi wrote?

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The pieces that compose the lithosphere?


How many pieces of music did Georges Bizet compose?

50 pieces. == ==

How many pieces did Mozart Compose?

He composed over 600 pieces

How many pieces of music did Beethoven compose?

In his lifetime, Beethoven composed several hundred pieces including 9 Symphonies, 9 Concertos (1 Unpublished - WoO) and 32 Piano Sonatas. Ludwig Van Bethoven Composed Over 650 Pieces Of Music.

How many pieces did tchaikovsky compose?


What musical pieces did bach compose?

the muscial pieces bach composed where, sucking his penis.

How many pieces did motzart compose in his life?

about 1,000

What clarinet pieces did Luigi Rossi compose?

the reed

What instruments did Bach compose and what pieces did he compose?

Bach played the organ, violin, and harpsichord. Two of his pieces are St. Matthew Passion and Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.

How many pieces did claude debussy compose?

Over 88.

What pieces did Chopin compose?


When did rossini compose his most famous pieces?

classical period

How many pieces did Rossini compose?

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How many pieces of music did Igor Stravinsky compose?


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