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The total number of planets in the universe is unknown, but there are likely many billions, perhaps many with conditions similar to Earth.

More than 300 planets outside our solar system have been discovered. All are within our own Milky Way galaxy, because accurate observations of planet-sized masses in other galaxies is not currently possible. Theoretical extrapolations suggest that there are indeed planets around many stars in other galaxies as well.

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Q: How many planets are in the galaxy?
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How many planets does the galaxy have?

there are 9 planets.

How many planets are in the milky way galaxy?

There are trillion trillion planets in our galaxy

How many stars planets and moons are in a galaxy?

There are billions of stars, planets and moons in a galaxy.

How many planets does your galaxy have?


How many planets and moons are in the Star Wars galaxy?

There are billions of planets and moons in the Star Wars galaxy.

How many planets in Andromeda solar system?

Andromeda is a galaxy, not a solar system. No one knows how many planets are in the Andromeda galaxy

How far is the galaxy from the planets?

The planets are part of the galaxy.

How many planets are in the whole galaxy?

That is currently unknown. However, based on the planets found so far it seems there are at least as many planets as stars. Current estimates suggest 100 billion to 400 billion planets in our galaxy.

How many planets does the comet galaxy have?

It is not generally known how many planets are in each galaxy; it isn't even known how many planets are in our own galaxy, and will probably never be known exactly, due to its enormous size. However, according to latest observations, it seems likely that every star has several planets, at least on average.

How many stars does the irregular galaxy have?

does any galaxy contain earth and some other planets

What is the closest galaxy to us that has planets?

The closest galaxy that has planets is the Andromeda galaxy. It is the nearest galactic neighbor to the earth. The Milky Way has other planets too.

How many dwarf planets are there in the milky way galaxy?

It is not known. Scientists are still not sure how many dwarf planets are in the solar system or how many true planets are in the galaxy. If estimates from our solar system apply elsewhere, however, the number is probably in the trillions.

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