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How many players have worn the number 99 in the NHL?


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I believe only one Wayne Gretzky. No, more than 1 person has worn #99, Gretzky is merely the most famous. Wilf Paiement, for example, also wore that number. So the best answer I can give right now is: at least 2 (but not many). The #99 was retired league-wide after Gretsky retired. So no other player has had the #99 AFTER Wayne Gretsky. I have no idea how many wore it BEFORE him. It is also entirely possible and probable that other players on other teams wore the #99 at the same time that he was wearing it for the team he was on. At least, five players :

- Gretzky - Joe Lamb - Des Roche - Leo Bourgault - Wilf paiement


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