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Three consecutive strikes in Bowling scores 30 points in the frame that the first strike occurred. A score for a strike is 10 plus the next two balls thrown. If a strike is followed by a strike and then an 8 on the first ball of the third frame then the first strike is worth just 28 points.

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How many strikes does it take to get a 300?

It takes 12 Strikes to get a 300 in 10 Pin Bowling. There is 10 frames but on the last frame you are able to get 3 strikes

What is 9 strikes in bowling called?

It would be 3 turkeys since a single turkey is 3 strikes.

Why does it call turkey when you get 3 strikes?

In Thanksgiving or cristmas if you get three strikes in bowling ball you get a live turkey

How do you score a turkey?

In bowling, when you score a turkey, you get 3 strikes in a row. If you get a game of complete strikes, it is a perfect score.

What comes before turkey in bowling?

A double (2 strikes in a row) comes before a turkey (3 strikes in a row).

How many frames make up one bowling game?

10 frames in a bowling game, 10th frame can have up to 2 extra balls. For example 3 strikes in the 10th frame. 12 strikes in a game = 300 = perfect game.

What is the most number of points you can get in a frame of bowling?

If it's frame 1-9, then 30 assuming that frame is a strike and the next two frames are strikes. If it's the 10th frame, then 30 assuming all 3 balls thrown are strikes.

In a game of bowling how many strikes in a row would a bowler have to throw to achieve a perfect score of 300?

12 strikes one for each of the 10 frames and then 2 more strikes to complete the last frame 3 ball minimum 12 strikes

How many points is one strike in bowling?

A strike is worth 10 points plus the number of pins you knock down with the next two deliveries. A strike that is followed by 2 more strikes is worth 30 points. A strike that is followed by a spare is worth 20 points. a strike that is followed by another strike and then 8 pins is worth 28 points. A strike that is followed by 4 pins and then 3 pins is worth 17 points.

What is five consecutive strikes in bowling called?

It is now called Yahtzee!5 consecutive strikes in bowling is called a 5-bagger.There are no special names for strikes other than hambone/double for two consecutive strikes, turkey for three consecutive strikes, and clover for four consecutive strikes. Anything after that is call a "x bagger." X = the number of consecutive strikes thrown. For example. If you threw seven strikes in a row, it would called a seven bagger.5 baggerIn bowling if a person were to get 3 strikes in a row, at anytime in a game, that's called a " Turkey ". 5 strikes in row is called a " Goose " , 10 in a row is a "swan" and ,12 in row is of course a " perfect game ".

What are three consecutive strikes in bowling called?

turkey if you hit 3 consecutive strikes. However...if you hit two i call it " a double martini shot" i gave it a name lol

What is ten consecutive strikes in wii bowling called?

10 bagger. Typically, there isn't any nicknames for consecutive strikes other than a double for 2 and a turkey for 3.

Why do they call three strikes in bowling a turkey?

you get 3 strikes in every frame it's called a turkey, and you must get 12 in a row to get a 300 game, if you missed the last strike you get a 299.

What is seven consecutive strikes in bowling called?

Seven strikes in bowling is called a seven bagger.The is no particular name for 7 in a row except for '7 bagger'.7 strikes, or seven bagger.The term for seven strikes in a row is "seven bagger." If they are in the first seven framers it may be called the "front seven." If it is the last seven strikes (frames 6, 7, 8, 9, and 3 strikes in the 10th) it is called the "back seven" or "seven out the door."seven bagger

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