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How many movies produced in the world each year?

25,000 - 30,000 movies are produced each year. 600-700 get theatrical distribution deals. 300-400 others get DVD or broadcast deals.

How many movies has Bollywood produced?

I've heard that bollywood produces about more then 800 movie per year so the ratio is more then 2 movies per day for about 60 years! And bollywood is just a word for the movies produced in Mumbai, so bollywood doesn't mean all the Indian movies.

What year did Bill Cosby and other authors produced movies?


What Pokemon movies have cards?

all movies since 1999 there has been one movie produced every year

What do 11-year-old boys do?

Play videogames and look at porno

How many dogs are produced in a year?

10000 dogs year

How many Hollywood movies are made in a year?

It depends on the year -- 400 to 600 usually

How many M and M's are produced every year?

+350 million M&M's are produced every year.

How many movies are made each year?

Number of produced movies in different parts of the world is clearly changed every year. Acording to Screen Digest "Top 50 countries ranked by number of feature films produced, 1997, 2003-2007" the number of produced movies in the western world (US, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Europe include Russion Federation) par a year was:- around 2000 movies in 1997 (767 in US),- around 2500 movies in 2007 (453 in US).Number of produced movies was growing differently in former third world (rest of Asia, Mexico and South America, Africa):- around 1400 movies in 1997 (697 in India),- around 2400 movies in 2007 (1164 in India). 1020 movies in 2008 (437 in Pakistan)-around 1500 movies in 2005 (747 in Pakistan)Different and detail statistic data for US market offers MPAA's "US Theatrical Market Statistics report":- 603 movies were released into theaters in 2007.

How many movies were made in the year 2009?


How many people download movies each year?

too many

What year was Bollywood made?

Bollywood was made in 1930's. Sound movies were produced at that time. It was the start of Indian Cinema.

How many Elvis movies were produced?

Throughout his career as an actor, Elvis Presley appeared in 31 movies. His earliest movie appearance was in 1956, while his final film appearance was in 1969. His movie appearances averaged roughly two to three per year.

How many chocolate bunnies are produced each year?

90 Million Chocolate Bunnies are produced each year.

How many coins were produced last year?


How many oranges are produced per year?


How many Hebrew movies are there?

It's not possible to count. Israel produces dozens of major movies a year, and dozens of minor movies.It's not possible to count. Israel produces dozens of major movies a year, and dozens of minor movies.

How many Lamborghinis are produced a year?

Depending on demand, about 2,000 cars a year.

How many candy canes are produced in one year?

1.5 billion a year

How many Scream movies are there now that it is the year 2013?

There have been four Scream movies released as of 2013.

How many movies are made in US each year?

2,500 in the usa each year

How many movies does the average person see a year?


How many movies will smith been in in the year 2009?


How many movies been made this year?

over 9000

How many Malayalam movies are made each year?

about 50

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