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There is no direct relation. * Pound is a measurement of weight * Cup is a measurement of volume Water weighs 8.3 pounds per gallon, so a cup would weigh about half a pound. A cup of lead however, would probably weight a couple of pounds.

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Q: How many pounds are in a cup?
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How many pounds is in a cup?

There is 0.52159 Pounds in a Cup.

How many pounds are in one cup?

It depends on the size on the cup you are talking about and the weight of things in the cup but a cup is not a true measurement like ounces to pounds. You can weigh how many pounds with a balance.

How many pounds chicken legs in a cup?

0.35 pounds will be present in a cup.

How many pounds is a cup of shredded cheese?

It is about 0.475 pounds

In a 42 cup coffee maker how many pounds of coffee do i need?

in a 42 cup coffee maker how many pounds of coffee do you need

How many cups in 0.25 pounds?

0.25 pounds is half a cup

How many pounds is a cup of cumin?


How many pounds are in a half cup?

There is 1/4 pound in half a cup.

How many pounds make a cup?

1/2 pound of water in a cup.

How many cups are there in 5 pounds?

1 cup = 0.5(rounded) pounds

How many pounds in 1 cup flour?

4.4 ounces in 1 cup of flour

How many pounds equals a cup?

1 cup is officially half a pound of water.

How many pounds are in 1 cup?

half pound

How many pounds of crawfish tails in a cup?


How many cups in 0.3333 pounds?

that is 0.66 of a cup

How many pounds are in a cup of sugar?

1 cup of sugar weighs 1/2 pound.

1 cup of rice equals how many pounds?

1 cup of rice is about 0.48 of a pound

How many pounds in a cup of rhubarb?

1 cup of rhubarb equals about .3 pounds. So 3 cups of rhubarb is one pound. Diane

How many pounds are there in cups?

a cup is considered a liquid measurement, not weight. eg: what is heavier, a cup of feathers or a cup of sand?

How many cup equals 2 pounds?

4 cups of water equal 2 pounds.

How many pounds of nuts in a cup?

Depends on the type of nuts.

How many pounds are in a cup of blueberries?

About 3/8 of a pound. :)

How many pounds of zucchini are in a cup?

About 1/2 pound.

How many pounds is half a cup I'm needing to use a half of cup of processed cheese but I don't know how many pounds makes half a cup.?

A half cup is going to be less then 8 oz of shredded cheese. The simplest thing is to cube or shred the cheese and then measure it in a measuring cup.

How many pounds of brown sugar is in 1 cup?

0 one cup is much smaller then a pound.