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That depends on the type material you are referring to. Also, these are two different types of measurements. One is volume the other is weight or mass. Please edit your question to include more context or details.


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how many pounds in one half gallon of milk

About 8.35 pounds for one US gallon of water.

8 pounds of water in 1 US gallon

A gallon of honey weighs about 12 pounds.

For gasoline, about 6.3 pounds per US gallon.

Approximately 8.35 pounds for one US gallon of water.

A US gallon of lard is approximately 7 pounds

One US gallon of water weighs approximately 8.35 pounds.

4.24 pounds per gallon as per gas facts

One gallon of any liquid will end up weighing the same. In this case, one gallon in the United States is equal to 8.345 pounds.

For plain water, 8.34 pounds is one gallon.

In one gallon of Paint thinner, there are 112.95 pounds. So if there are ten gallons of paint thinner, then the total pounds would be 1129.5.

1 US gallon is 8.35 pounds

amount of bentonite clay per gallon of brine can range from about 0.25 to about 2 pounds of clay per gallon.

Burning one gallon of gasoline produces approximately 16 pounds of CO2 and 7.25 pounds of water.

One gallon of microcrystalline wax weighs about seven pounds. One cubic foot of wax is about 7.48 gallons of wax.

10 pounds of water in an Imperial gallon

Pounds is a measure of mass and gallon is a measure of volume so they cannot be converted to one another. What is the mass of a gallon of petrol or water or oil can be answered.

Depends on WHICH oil, but around 7 pounds.

One Imperial gallon (old British System) of water weighs 10 pounds so 7 pounds of ice would be 7/10ths of a gallon.One US gallon of water weighs 8.33 pounds so 7 pounds of ice would be 700/833 ds of a gallon.

how many pounds of oats are in a 55 gallon drum

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