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Depends on the house size, hight, weight, contents, and the matereal used in the construction of the house. I heartily agree with the above answer, but a better and more to the point answer would be: Depends on how heavy it is, and that depends on what the definition of is, is.

On the other hand, my experience tells me that single story wood-frame houses range from 25 to 60 lbs/sq ft. (depending, of course, on how heavily they're built). I know, coz I always ways my houses. I caint get em up onto my scale so I has to pick em up and then stand up on the scale myself. That requires some arithmetic to make up for how much I ways, but we ain't gettin into that. Now before some smartelec sez they heared different, I'm talking about a bare-bones house sittin' on a foundation, but not includin' the foundation and all the stuff that gets stuffed into houses. Most people ask about house weight when they want to jack a house up off its foundation for repair. If they're a gonna do that, they better empty out the house for a lot of reasons; and we ain't gonna get into that neither.

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