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How many pounds of pork will feed 10 people?


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September 06, 2009 2:56AM

Depends how much of a porker each guest is. For the family at home, I usually figure a 4 to 5 oz. portion of meat per person. Fish portion would be a smaller size portion, due to cost, and chicken would be larger. It depends on your budget and personal weight. For guests, I would offer a 5 to 6 oz. portion. Don't forget that the meat is not the only thing being eaten, like salad, veg., rice or potato, and later dessert/fruit. So if I was making pulled pork for 10 people, I would most likely buy a 5-6 lb. roast (trimmed), figuring generous portions and that I might be lucky enough to have leftovers if I make a big batch of Caribbean Peas and Rice to go with it.