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it really depends how tall you are if your 5ft you should way somewhere near 100 anything lower then 5ft should be around 90,89

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Yes. In determining norms v. atypical in the healthy growth rate of non-adult subgroups, it is necessary to add more information as to gender, and the additional scalar quantities specific to the physical unit being measured, I.e., length 📏 time (age).

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Q: How many pounds weigh for nine and ten years old?
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You are a nine year old girl and you weigh 138.2 pounds how much should you weigh?

Its not good to weigh that much at your age . If you are nine years old and are average height you should weigh about 90-100 pounds. But your weight will depend on your shape, and how physically active you are.

What does the average persons ashes weigh?

The ashes of the average dead person weigh about nine pounds.

How much should you weigh if you are nine years old?

here is your answer i weigh at least a little bit over how much you should weigh but the answer is 70-90 pounds.

How much does a kiwibird weigh?

Three to nine pounds

How many pounds is a nine year old girl weight?

A nine year old girl is supposed to weigh between 50-65 pounds if you weigh any little bit higher or a little bit lower it's ok

How much do mens scrotum's weigh?

nine pounds on average

How many pounds should a German shepherd weigh at nine months?

By 9 months a Shepherd should weigh: Male - 31.5kg Female - 27.1kg

What should a nine year old weigh?

An average nine year old should weigh maybe 72 pounds. My cousin Jenny is 10 and she weighs 57 pounds. But it depends on who it is.

If your weight on earth is 150 pounds how much would you weigh on Pluto?

Nine pounds on Pluto.

Marki has had her dog Skip for exactly two years and Skip currently weighs fifty-nine pounds If Skip has gained nine pounds each year how much did Skip weigh when Marki got him?

59 nice trick question

How much does the average cremated persons ashes weigh?

On average, the ashes of a cremated person weigh about nine pounds.

How much would a nine year old girl weigh?

90 pounds