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How many quarts of tomatoes out of a bushel?


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One bushel of tomatoes weighs 53 pounds. This will provide you with between 18-20 quarts of tomatoes from the bushel.

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16 cups are in a bushel. 128 cups in a bushel or about 20 quarts

In home canning this can depend.You can get 12 quarts of peaches out 1 bushel. A bushel of tomatoes weighs 53 pounds and will fill about 22 quart bottles whether you bottle them as tomatoes, or juice them.

There are 32 quarts in a bushel.

18 to 22. It depends some on the fruit itself and how it is prepared.

1 bushel of tomatoes = 53 lbs

1 bushel is 32 dry quarts.

Depends on how big the tomatoes are.

it depends on the size and shape of the tomatoes because smaller ones equal more tomatoes to a bushel The weight per bushel is recognised as 53 lbs

32 dry quarts1 bushel = 64 pints = 32 quarts

One bushel of fresh tomatoes weighs 53 pounds and yields about 18 quarts of canned tomatoes. Therefore, about 3 pounds of fresh tomatoes makes 1 qt of canned tomatoes.

1/2 bushel is 16 dry quarts.

the weight per bushel is 53 lbs.

Depends on the size of the tomatoes. kaitlin Jones

depends how many are in the bushel exactly and there size/ripeness

32 dry quarts per bushel.

There are about 12-16 quarts in a bushel of apples, and 12-18 quarts of applesauce; depending on whether or not you add sugar.

The weight per bushel is 53 lbs About 10 pounds

It will depend on the size of the tomatoes. If they are very small, the bushel will weigh more. Larger tomatoes will have more space between them. The most weight would be a combination of big and little tomatoes.

The price for a bushel of tomatoes might vary from place to place but is going to be roughly 25 to 30 dollars. A bushel of tomatoes is about 50 pounds.

I am pretty sure I always get from 20-22 quarts filled of mid to small picklers out of a bushel of cukes.

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