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Q: How many rain drops fall each year?
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How many rain drops fall when it rains?

A lot

How many rain drops fall per year?

how am i supposed to know

Why does rain drops but snow fall?

rain is just falling to everyone says it falls but it drops

Water drops that fall to earth what is it?

... rain

Why does acid rain fall?

Acidic rain drops fall for the same reason that normal rain drops fall: They are too dense to remain suspended in the atmosphere.Related Information:Acid rain occurs when acidic chemicals mix with water vapor forming clouds, and then aqueous droplets that fall as rain.

Water drops that fall when the temperature is below freezing fall as?

Water drops that fall when the temperature is below freezing, fall as SNOW . Water drops that fall when the temperature is above freezing fall as RAIN .

What is a definition of rain?

Drops of water that fall from clouds.

Is rain a form of energy as motion?

es the rain drops have energy in the motion as they fall

How many rain fall has fell today?

I don't know the exact number of rain drops that have fallen. But i guesstimate its a pretty big number.

What step comes before rain drops fall?


What are the water drops that fall when temperature is above freezing?


Why do hailstones fall from the sky?

because they are frozen rain drops