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Q: How many ration stamps had to be used to buy food?
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Can someone explain ration stamps for me?

Ration stamps were used to even distribute goods that were in limited supply. Each person in a household was issued a ration book. In addition to paying for the items, the proper ration stamps had to be given to the shopkeepers to get certain things.

What are ration stamps?

A ration stamp is similar to that of a food stamp. A ration stamp (or card) was given to the people of a country by their government and could be exchanged for food. This was mainly used during wartimes when things like bread, sugar, and coffee are in short supply and must be evenly divided among a group of people.

What were ration stamps?

A ration stamp or ration card is a stamp or card issued by a government to allow the holder to obtain food or other commodities that are in short supply during wartime or in other emergency situations. Ration stamps were widely used during World War II by both sides after hostilities caused interruption to the normal supply of goods. They were also used after the end of the War while the economies of the belligerents gradually returned to normal.

What food was used as currency in world war 2?

Food could have been used as currency in World War 2. Since most of the food went to those in the service, the government gave out food ration stamps, which acted as currency.

What is the importance of ration card?

Ration cards, also known as ration stamps, are issued by a government to be used towards food or other rationed items. These are important because they are given out during a time when resources are low in a country and it ensures that people conserve valuable items.

What were ration stamps... What kind of things were rationed during World War II... Why?

Ration stamps controlled the amount of food and supplies people could have so they wouldn't run out because food and supplies were also being sent to the soldiers in WWII. So rationing was just used to make sure the soldiers and civilians all had enough! :)

Why did people have ration coupons?

They used ration coupons to get food and other necessities.

What is a food stamp calculator used for?

Many states have food stamp calculators that can be used to screen the user for potential eligibility for food stamps. This process does not guarantee food stamps, but does help determine your need for them.

What are ration stamps and why were they used during World War 2?

Because of the great amount of food that had to be alloted to U.S. servicemen in this country and overseas during World War Two (Over 16 million) -- and the food that had to be sent to our allies -- there was a shortage of many types of food here in this country. Those types of foods then had to be rationed -- there were only varying amounts available at any given time. The only way to make sure that every American citizen was able to buy their fair share of the rationed foods was by coupons. A family or a person would periodically be alloted a book of coupons (called Ration Stamps).I can't remember how often the ration stamp books were distributed -- maybe once a month When people went to the store to buy food thay would have to redeem the ration stamps for (only)those foods considered in short supply. The greater amount of the shortage type foods purchased -- the more stamps you had to turn in. You could spend all your ration stamps right away or parcel them out over a period of time. When they were gone -- they were gone. You didn't get any more until you got your next book of ration stamps. vcs

What is full of used stamps?

Someone's used passport will have used stamps. A stamp album will have many used stamps. And most scrapbooks have many stamps in them.

Can food stamps be used on delivery?

I am betting that you can't use the actual food stamps for delivery of the food. I am pretty sure you have to use the food stamps for buying food and drinks.

Can you use food stamps?

Food stamps can be used by anyone. They need to have income at the poverty level.

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