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How many rectangles could you make with 10 squares?


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Squares are actually also rectangles so you could make 8 rectangles without touching any of the squares. However, if you could cut the squares, that would be a different problem....

You need 4 rectangles and two squares * * * * * No, you do not need to have squares: there can be six rectangles - as in a brick shape.

204 squares and 1,296 rectangles. That's a total of 1,296 rectangles and squares because squares are rectangles.

Six - although two of them could be squares.

It has six rectangular faces although two of these could be squares.

Rectangles and squares both have 4 corners.

cube's are consisted of squares, so none.but it takes 6 squares to make up a cube.

Using all 13 squares, and not counting different orientations, only one.

Assuming the 12 squares are the same size, three. And three more if you count different orientations (swapping length and breadth) as different rectangles.

There are no squares on a soccer field. There are, however, rectangles.

There are no rectangles within the chessboard itself but there are 64 squares in a chessboard .

Just four rectangles comprise 64 squares of the same size: 1X64, 2X32, 4X16, and 8X8.

There are three pairs of rectangles which might all be of different sizes. There could be only two shapes: four identical rectangles and two squares.

None. There are 64 squares on a chess board.

6 shapes. There are the 4 long rectangles and 2 squares or smaller rectangles.

All numbers equal to or less than 40.Very many:(One 40 *1 rectangle, two rectangles in 20 ways, three rectangles in a whole bunch of ways , etc) If all the squares are to be used and the rectangles are outlines (not filled) then five19 * 317 * 515 * 713 * 911 * 11If all the squares are to make a single unbroken and completely filled rectangle and the orientation of the rectangle does not matter then you can make four:40*120*210*48*5

There is only one rectangle containing exactly 11 squares.

There are many different quadrilaterals such as squares, trapezoids, rectangles, rhombus and parallelogram.

Assuming you are asking for the movement squares and not the board or any combo of the movent squares, 49.

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