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Q: How many right whales were originally alive before humans interfered?
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Related questions

Are killer whales threats to humans?

No but there are some cases of killer whales (Orca whales) attacking people and some of their trainers. Killer whales are very friendly mammals to humans because they are not threats to humans like humans are threats to them. Some killer whales attacked people by accidents, not on purpose. The human race had treated te killer whales very badly because humans killed more and more killer whales than killer whales that had killed humans before. Some killer whales were escaping from human harrassments. They are extremely intelligent ocean mammals and they also save more and more human lives from shark attacks.

Are dolphins and whales humans?

No, dolphins and whales are dolphins and whales, members of the Order Cetacea. Only people are humans. Humans, like dolphins and whales, are mammals. But humans are members of the Primate Order.

What eats the humpback whales?

There only predators is Humans and Killer Whales. Killer whales usually feed in pods onto small Humpback whales. Humans hunt humpback whales for whale meat.

How are beluga whales helpful to humans?

Beluga whales can not be harmful to humans. They are playful and very intellegent.

What is the blue whales relationship with humans?

Blue Whales have a very delicate relationship with humans. Most humans enjoy watching the whales play and feed. In other cases humans do consume whale meat and capture them for scientific research.

Do whales kill human?

Whales do not kill humans

Do whales have bones like humans?

Whales are mammals, and like humans, whales have an internal skeleton and a spine - only on a much larger scale!

Are Blue Whales deadly mammals?

To humans? No. Blue Whales do not eat or (without provocation) harm humans.

Do killer whales feed on humans?

Killer whales don't EAT humans there are no recorded deaths from them in the WILD humans are not part of there diet so NO

How do humans affect Killer Whales?

Humans affect Killer Whales by pollution, whaling/hunting, and global warming.

Are whales and humans alike?

YES. They are because we and whales are mammals.

What do whales get eaten from?

The whales predator is mostly sharks and humans

What are animals that eat whales?

Humans. After whales have already died there are several scavengers that will feed on the carcass, but humans are about the only animal that hunts, kills and eats whales.

What eat whales?

different whales , sharks , humans

How do humans protect blue whales?

limit the killing of blue whales

Who eats finback whales?

the killer whale (orca whales) and humans

Can blue whales harm humans?

no blue whales do not harm people

How do humans and other animals effect gray whales?

humans pollute the water and killer whales are their competitors and killer whales also eat the calves sharks also eat calves.

Did humans evolve from whales?


How do whales communicate with humans?


How do humans affect blue whales?

Because they are killed by humans

Do whales eat other whales?

No species of true whales make other whales their prey. "Killer whales" (orcas) are among the few animals (besides humans) to attack whales.

Why will whales be extinct?

If we humans keep hunting and killing the whales then they will be come extinct.

Do whales have to breathe air to survive?

Yes, whales are mammals. As are dolphins and humans.

How are humans and whales simalar?

Humans and whales are both warm blooded mammals, they give birth, Whales are smarter then most other animals. So yes, you could say we have a lot in common.