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The driving distance from Durham, UK to Leicester, UK is 172.05mi / 276.88km


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By road about 76.5 miles depending on the route you take. By a "crow" 53.5 miles

The driving distance between Durham NC and Washington VA is about 265 road miles.

The driving distance is about 107 road miles.

Roughly 108 miles - or about two hours traveling by road.

99.75 by rail and approximately 120 by road.

39 km as the crow flies (shortest road distance: 48 km).

Leicester Belgrave Road railway station ended in 1953.

Leicester Belgrave Road railway station was created in 1879.

The driving distance is about 270 road miles. Driving time is approximately 4 to 5 hours.

To drive from Leicester to London would take approximately 2 hours and 7 minutes long. The actual distance by road is 101.1 miles.

138 miles taking this route:Go over to M60 RING ROAD towards LEEDS (via M62).Take M60, around Manchester, to M62 LEEDS.Take M62 to M1(S) to LONDON at J29.Take M1 to The SOUTH to LEICESTER.

Although Leicester and Northampton are only about 40 miles apart by road, the rail journey is much more complicated and takes about 2 hours.

It is the North Carolina and Virginia border or close to it depending on the choice of road miles or point to point map miles (as the crow flies).

Both cities have a certain size to them to an accurate answer cannot be provided unless you are more specific about where in Leicester and where in London. By rail, the journey is 99.75 miles from Leicester to St Pancras (and vice versa) and by road it is approximately 120 depending where in London you want to get to/from.

Durham to London is about 220 miles as the crow flies but more like 270 miles by road. I assume central London but if its the outskirts that could add or detract miles.269 miles

Leeds Airport is 80 miles far from Durham City. By road, the approximate journey time between these two places is 1 hour and 27 minutes.

The new Leicester City Football Club stadium is called The Walkers Stadium. Leicester Football Club (Leicester Tigers) play at Welford Road.

The driving distance is 197 road miles.

The address of the New Durham Public Library is: 2 Old Bay Road, New Durham, 03855 0206

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