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15 for regular BC, 35 for TBC and 60 for OBC.

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15 for normal BC, 35 for TBC, and 60 for OBC.

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Q: How many robux do you get each day if you have bc?
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How do you get 1000000000 robux on roblox?

You can't any free because each day they will give you tixs and Robux(if have certaint BC)every day.

What is a builders club stipend?

A Builders Club stipend is your Bonus loyalty to BC, longer your BC the more bonus of Robux each day!

How can you get free robux and tickets?

Free tickets - Every time someone visits your place you get 1 ticket. Every day you log into Roblox you get 10 Tix. That's the only way to get free Tickets. Free Robux - Get builders club. Depending on which kind you get, you get a different amount of Robux daily: BC - 15 R$ each day TBC - 35 R$ each day OBC - 60 R$ each day

How do you get over 300 tix in one day in roblox?

You can either buy Robux and then trade them for tickets, or if you are in BC you can sell t-shirts. (30 Robux can be traded for about 300 tix.)

Is it worth is to get 5 months of bc and 1000 robux or just 6 months of bc and nothing else for roblox It's just regular bc.?

5 Months with 1000 Robux; You would have 2700 Robux if you saved it up if you had only six months of BC. 5 months with 1000 Robux will give you 2250 + 1000 = 3250 R$.

What can you do with a roblox game card?

You can either get a lot of ROBUX or as I have heard, buy BC. The more Game cards you buy the more robux you get or longer BC

In roblox why are you not receiving your daily robux?

1. Do you have any form of BC? You only get daily Robux if you have BC/TBC/OBC. 2. If you have BC/TBC/OBC, you must wait until the exact time you purchased it. For example, let's say you buy BC at 9 PM. You go to sleep and wake up the next morning, go on Roblox but you don't have the next days Robux. You have to wait until 9 PM that day until you get it.

How you get robux on roblox?

1. Get Builder Club, or OBC , or TBC 2. Trade tickets for robux (I think about 7 or 12 each one.) 3. Sell shirts, pants for robux (Need to have BC, OBC, or TBC.) 4. Cheat (lol.)

Why are Roblox prices so high?

If you have robux, you can Trade currency to convert to Tix (example: trade 30 robux=300 tix) Or if you want to buy robux, About $9.95 for 800 robux.(BC:1000) about $24 buys you 2400 robux (BC:3500) And by the way, trading currency works with TIX to (example: 20 tix=2 Robux

How do you get membership on roblox free?

Get it for your B-day! ha! at Raley's one month bc is 6 bucks and it comes with robux

How do you make a BC only shirt on Roblox?

I don't think you can, really. At one point, Robux were available only to bc users, therefore, you could make a shirt with robux only, and only bc could have it.

How do you donate with out builders club?

You can donate whatever amount of Robux/Tickets to BC members but you can donate 400 Robux by buying BC yourself and referring the user you want to donate.