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There were four rooms.

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The Frank family, including Anne Frank, hid in a hidden annex that contained a total of four small rooms. They lived in cramped quarters for over two years during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.

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there were 10

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Q: How many rooms were there in the franks hiding?
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How many rooms were there in the franks?

there were 10

How many years was the franks in hiding?

for 2 years

Where were the franks hiding?

In the Annex.

How long were the franks hiding for?


Who forces the Franks into hiding?


When did the Van Pels join the franks in hiding?

The Van Pels joined the Franks in hiding on July 13, 1942

How many rooms were behind the book case where the frank family hid?

there were six rooms behind the bookcase in Anne franks room.

What was Anne Franks hiding place made of?

Anne Frank's hiding place was located in a concealed area behind a movable bookcase in her father's office building. The annex consisted of a few small rooms with limited space where Anne, her family, and some friends lived in hiding for over two years during World War II.

Who went into hiding with the Franks?

aaron kacsor

How many floors does Anne Franks secret annex have?

Anne Frank's secret annex had two floors. It consisted of several rooms where Anne and her family lived in hiding during World War II.

How long was Anne franks famile in hiding for?

They were in hiding for two years and one month.

What group are the Franks hiding from?

During World War II, the Franks were hiding from the Nazi regime in Amsterdam, Germany.