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65,536 in versions up to MS Excel 2003. Excel 2007 and beyond has 1,048,576 rows.

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Q: How many rows are present in a single sheet of MS Excel?
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What is an active sheet?

An active sheet in Microsoft Excel is the current sheet that you are working on. There are many sheets that are found in a single workbook.

How many cells in a 2007 Excel sheet?

17,179,869,184 cells in one excel

How many lines of macro code an excel sheet accept?


How many default sheet tabs in Microsoft Excel 2007?


How many worksheets are present when you open Excel?


How many coulms are there in Microsoft Excel?

the column in Ms excel are 16,384 and 1048,576 rows and 17,179,869 cell in one spread sheet. The spread sheet ends with the letter XFD.

How many work sheet add in ms Excel file?

This question is not clear. Please ask again with more specific words. I am not sure if you are asking how many worksheets you can put in a single workbook, how many add-ins are available for MS Excel, or something else.

What is detail sheet in excel?

A detail sheet in Excel is a place where common items are grouped together. An example would be sales for a company detailing each product and how many were sold of each.

How many ways of referencing cells in a formula in an Excel Sheet?

Three: Relative, Absolute and Mixed.

What is features of MS Excel?

There are many feature like as you create own database in sheet, you excel work mathematics function, create own directory.

How many lines in an Excel sheet?

Are you talking about No. of rows in a Excel sheet? If Yes then you can see it yourself by following command: Ctrl+Down Arrow - display total no. of rows. Ctrl+Forward Arrow - display total no. of columns.

How many rows and cells in Excel sheet?

It's until column XFD (16384) and row 1048576 on Excel 2007. You can check it out easily by pressing ctrl+right arrow and then ctrl+down arrow.But we now that There is 65536 rows and 256 columns in one excel sheet.

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