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Q: How many salt water taffy's can you fit in a one quart jar?
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How much salt can I dissolve in a quart of water?

Approx. 360 g/l at 20 oC.

Can salt water fish live in tap water with salt?

No sea salt water contain many salt but water with salt contain sodium chloride. But maybe for about 2-3 days.

How many places are salt water found?

salt water is manly found in the ocean

Is a catfish a salt water fish?

There are many different catfish species, salt water and fresh water.

What are the difference between fresh water and salt water biome?

freshwater lake has no salt and saltwater has many salt particles

How many grams per mililiter for salt water?

This depends on the concentration of salt in water; this is your choice.

How many tablespoons of salt do you need to make salt water using 3 oz of water?

Just one...if you dissolve enough salt into water so that you can taste've got salt water!

is salt necessary to treat water?

Salt is not necessary to treat water. There are many ways to treat water. Salt is not necessary because salt contains sodium. Sodium is good for treating water but is not necessary.

How many tablespoons of salt are needed to make salt water out of tap water?

Depends how much tap water you are using. :)

When you created salt water solution if you evaporate the water how many mg of salt would be left behind?

Exactly the same amount of salt as you weighed out to make the salt water solution in the first place.

Do brine shrimp eggs need salt in order to hatch?

25 parts per thousand (ppt) salt solution, or approximately 1 and 2/3 tablespoons of salt per quart (or liter) of water. This equates to around 1.018 specific gravity as measured with a hydrometer. Be sure to use marine salt or solar salt.

What are some names of bodies of salt water?

The Earth is made up on mostly bodies of water and of those bodies of water, many of them are salt water. The Pacific and Atlantic oceans are two bodies of salt water.