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about 10 in one middle school.

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How many fights can start in a week?

It depends when people wanna fight.?

How many friends get into fights?

i would say pretty much all of them. Well I would say about 10 peoples at every school once or twice a week.

How many fights can start in a week on the bus?

Who knows? Fights on the bus(even killing) can start like 500,000 times a day.So multiply that.

How many days in a school week?

Most of the time there are 5 days in a school week but at my brothers school there is only 4 days in a school week. They have Friday of LUCKY THEM.

How many school days in a week in England?

There are 5 days in a standard school week in England.

How many days do children in Canada go to school in a week?

There are 5 days in a school week for canada.

How many days a week do children go to school in Germany?

Children inGermany go to school 5 days a week.

What are the visiting hours at New Jersey state prison during the week?

Due to many fights with the guards over the weekend.

How many days a week are preschool children in school?

It depends on the program, but many are in school five days a week, often around the same hours as public schools are.

How many hours per week can a minor work in Kentucky?

30 hours in a week during school for 16 and 17. 18 hours in a week for 14 and 15 during school. out of school, 40 hours a week for both age groups

How many days a week do Japanese children go to school?

Im pretty sure they have 6 school days a week they may have 5

How many weeks was army airborne school in n1972?

It was three weeks: Ground Week; Tower Week; and Jump Week.

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