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Q: How many school weeks in a year in NSW?
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Who is Tekarie Albert?

Tekarie Albert is a legend and likes to play netball and cricket , but mainly cricket she has played with both NSW and VIC teams (southern riverina and northern rivers.) she is in year 9 and love all of her friends to the max and would do anything for them especially Julia crockett-grills and phoebe pike! :)

What percentage of the take do pimps usually keep?

I normally take around depends on the market. Currently with the NSW Police upping their patrols in the Mayfield and Islington area, business is down around 18%. As such my cut has dropped to 25% to allow fair trading. 100% as any true pimp....100% always

Why is Sydney the most populated?

There are many reasons why Sydney is highly populated. One of the reasons behind this is that there are significant amount of employment opportunities which is especially appealing to individuals wishes to seek out a broader range of career opportunities than what they can get from elsewhere, such as the Illawarra region, which has unfortunately suffered one of the state's highest unemployment rates, hence those unemployed seeking employment generally find more opportunities for a career in Sydney. Sydney is also the Capital of NSW and hence generally Capital cities would have a higher population. Sydney is heavily rich in cultural variation, provides attractive features that appeal to tourists, etc. Sydney is a tourist attraction and also has many employment opportunities that individuals seek out, including those from different regions such as Wollongong who decide to travel to Sydney for work since Wollongong tends to lack in employment opportunities for various occupational areas.

Why do you use a dot in some abbreviations and not in all abbreviations?

Firstly, it depends on the country and the writing conventions followed.The abbreviations that have dots means that more then one word is shortened (for example: the United State is usually abbreviated to U.S.)However, it is important to note that writing conventions are now moving towards omitting the fullstop altogether. In the UK, the fullstop is not used in abbreviations which include the first and last letters of a single word, such as Mr, Mrs,Dr or St. In the United States, the fullstop is retained, e.g. Mr., Mrs.,Dr. and St.In Australia, which follows the UK conventions, the states are not abbreviated with fullstops. New South Wales, for example, is abbreviated as NSW, not N.S.W.Exceptions to the above are abbreviations of Latin words, such as e.g., which is short for exempli gratia, meaning for 'example', or a.m., short for ante meridiem. Such Latin terms currently retain the fullstops, but again, there is an increasing trend towards omitting the fullstop.

What are some negative comments about Maths Worldwide?

source- It is absurd to purchase the program:"Who in their right mind would buy it. Gosh." ( Program not working:"My son got no benefit from this expensive game! I should have got him the PS3 he wanted, He would have got more use out of that !!!!!!!!" ("They said 'Yeah, this f*** is awesome' and then it was just s***" ("I paid ... for this crappy program 6 years ago and I used it for 1 months before giving up. My maths sucks now:( I get bagged i got ripped off." ("this is BULLS***! Im using it right now." ( Company threatening to take legal action:"I just had a call from Ezibuy Finance, demanding I pay up... after 2 years of paying ... Well, they can see ME in court!!!!!!" ( Salesperson admits program costs so much because it is 'unknown':"They also say ... because it is 'unknown' it costs a lot." ( Program making kids disinterested in schooling:A child's response to using the program was "im gonna smash the computer, smash the hard drive." ("My 7 year old daughter showed no interest in the unimaginative blue screen, that it was like pulling teeth to get her to do it... Just bad timing, as my daughter was struggling at school" ("the screen ,effects and sounds are so repetitive and boring my 7 yr old to death .My 14 yr old refuses to get on at all!! Matheletics is definetely more enjoyable and furthermore FREE!" ( The product is a scam:"Wow, I got scammed good! I wish I had seen this before I gave them... my hard earned money!" ("It's a pure scam! You are right. A smart person should do their research but many parents don't have time in their busy lives. But if they do, I hope they find this...!" ( employee of Maths Worldwide stated, "You really think that money goes towards tutors???" ( former employee on the Company, "All my bosses are, are the old KIRBY salesman..." ("Hi, I just wanted to let you guys know that the Mathemagic Computer Tutor is a total rip off." ( Initial impressions are misleading:"my parents bought ... me a demo. it was pretty good e bought it, installed it and in less than 2 months, i hated it. waste of money" ("everyone gets done by these low lives coz they show you only one little part of it and make out like its better than it is!" ("it helped me out the first few months but then it ... didn't explain alot of the stuff that was in the f***ing program, it kinda p***ed me off" ( The program is overpriced:"The program they sell is nothing but a cheap maths game! ... There are thousands of maths games for a fraction of the price! Don't get ripped off! You are paying for a cheap piece of software! It dose not live up to their hype!" ("I bought this ridiculously overpriced software. I am now so desperate to sell it." ( General public uproar over the company:"f*** these white c**** who sell this load of s***." ("(It's) clear... that you charge thousands of dollars, prey on the weak, in an attempt to make them feel pressured into buying such useless cheap crap." ("you should have realised (Maths Worldwide) is manipulative, money hungry and abusive ... (but) It's your problem if you succumb to their pressure. Have you got no brains?" ("if you buy this s*** then sucked in" ("I believe that a number of people across Australia have been duped by an unscrupulous organization, and that we need to band together to stop these 'people' from playing on the fears of the unwary, and from creating a financial burden that is ruining lives" ("it's a load of c***" ( Claims program does not help with mathematics:"(The program) does not even use maths or English tasks, it is perceptual/brain development... Alrady highlighting how dodgy (Maths Worldwide) is." ( Appreciation for avoiding the scam:"thank god im not gona get that i me and my parents almost got scamed omg" ("We have since found another internet based program called Hotmaths which was put together by the NSW Department of DIstance Education. We signed up after a 24 hour trial and can pull out at any time... The cost is $10 per month and less for homeschoolers. It has a very nice interface and records progress. It gives good feedback on tasks performed." ("My daughter's school recently signed up to Mathelectics. What an imaginative web based program, that my daughter show's much more enthusiasm towards." (", it is only $49 per year for the entire family. It is a fantastic product." ("Do you know about Daisy Maths and Rainforest Maths. They are both free, and then there's Mathletics, which costs about $100 a year." ("just thought i would put you onto a good site that is starting to be used in schools, Scaffold Education; its a $100 for a year" ( Content is not up to date, and not according to the Australian syllabus:"The content is not up to date by a long shot... there is hardly any content!" ("It's scant and duplicated making it look like there's more than there is... You don't realise that until after some time. Scandalous!" ("they tell so many lies like that it covers the syllabus! They show just a few good parts and lie" ( Unethical pressuring to sell:"They definetely use pressure to sell... I said nicely 'No I am not really interested thanks' and they responded 'What, you are not interested in the education of your children?'" ("Some one came into my house to give me a demonstration because I have a sister who's in year 3. It's like their target audience because it means 9yrs of profit to them" ( Integrity problems and unlawful techniques:"Is it a kind of pyramid selling if these companies demand upfront fees?" ("any business that calls itself an 'institute' is definetely dodgy" ( man whose wife was involved with the sales of Maths Worldwide stated, "they stated that their main sales targets were people from the mortgage belt. More likely they are not as well educated, and can be easily conned." ("The woman who is the company director in Western Australia has nude photographs of herself on the internet, you only have to Google search her name (how smart is that!) to find them. Extremely poor taste considering she has young chidlren herself." ("[The woman who is the company director in Western Australia]'s partner (who was formerly listed as a director prior to prosecution) has already been prosecuted in Perth for unscrupolous and unethical sales techniques." ( Indian call centers:"Its annoying when you calll ... and get redirected to an indiian call centre lol." ( The program breaks up your marriage:"due to arrangements over [Maths Worldwide] finance and other personal things my wife and I have separated ... [and] the kids are with her ... and don't even want to use the program. DON'T TOUCH IT, KICK THE REP OUT OF YOUR HOUSE. This program and associated companies have ruined my family and my life... I work in mining and was a father, now I'm just a guy with no family and debts." ("I too nearly lost my family over the arguments about a program that would crash the computer, would fail ot send the results through, was not that easy to use and from which we failed to receive any support from the so called tutors." (

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When does school start this year in nsw?

Wednesday 28/1/2009

How many scooter riders are killed or injured in NSW each year?

Around 60 motorcycle riders and passengers are killed and 2000 injured each year on NSW roads

How many people die each year from smoking in NSW?

1,382 people.

How many pedestrians are killed and injured on nsw roads each year?

About 4 million get killed each year.

What school did Short Stack go to?

Hunter School of the Performing Arts, Broadmeadow, NSW. Shaun from Budgewoi on the Central Coast of NSW, and Andy and Bradie are from Gorokan...

How many days in a school year in nsw Australia?

At 4 years old, children can go to Kindergarten (not called Kindy all throughout Australia. Sometimes referred to as Preschool). THIS IS NOT COMPULSORY. At 5, children start school. Generally there is 8 years of Primary School. Some states have students start High School or a Middle School before Year 8. In South Australia, Primary School is Reception (First year) to Year 7 (Last year of Primary School) and then move onto High School from Year 8-Year 12.

Where did short stack go to school?

Hunter School of the Performing Arts, Budgewoi, NSW. =] ;D

What school did Sally Pearson go to?

Sally Pearson went to Hawkesbury high school, NSW

How many members of Parliament from NSW are there in the House of Representatives?

There are 48 federal divisions in NSW, and hence 48 members of parliament representing NSW.

What types of training services are offered through the NSW Department of Education?

NSW offers training for education and training for school systems. The service also funds education and care services. NSW is funded by the government.

Where are londsdale bags sold in nsw?

Londsdale bags are sold in many places in NSW such as centro Bankstown and many more.

What year photo on drivers licences were introduced in nsw?