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25 colleges and universities, 177 public schools.

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Q: How many schools are in San Diego?
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When was Torah High Schools of San Diego created?

Torah High Schools of San Diego was created in 1999.

What is the best schools I can go to in San Diego?

There are many choices for Universities in San Diego. The University of San Diego, San Diego State University, and Colman University are large school that offer a variety of courses to suit your needs.

Are there any Interior Design schools in San Diego that offer financial assistance?

Yes, there are Interior Design schools in San Diego that offer financial assistance. You can get a list of them at

Is San Diego state and university of San Diego the same?

No, they are two separate schools with two separate campuses.

Where can I get a list of MRI Technician Schools in San Diego?

The best thing you can do is check online at They have a list of MRI Technician schools in San Diego you can choose from that best suits your needs.

Did Tony Hawk go to school?

yes he went to numbers of schools i forgot what schools they are but i know he went to one in san Diego for kindergarten and attended torey pines high school in san Diego!!!

Is San Diego State and University of San Diego on the same campus?

NO. They are separate schools. They are somewhat close to one another but they are on totally separate campuses.

Are there private surf lessons available in San Diego?

Pacific surf school and San Diego surf school are two great examples of surf schools in the San Diego area. This town also has many other companies, as this is a beach town, and the tourists need to learn how to surf in the areas active tides.

How many miles from San Diego California to Calgary Alberta?

how many miles from san diego to alberta

What is the ranking for California Miramar University?

California Miramar University has been listed in "Top 10 MBA Schools in San Diego" by San Diego Business Journal.

How many rides are there in Disneyland san Diego?

There is no Disneyland in San Diego there is one in Anaheim

How many miles of beach in san Diego ca?

San Diego has 70 miles of coastline.