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Q: How many schools did she go to?
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How many kids go to school in Tennessee?

how many kids go to schools in tennessee? how many kids go to schools in tennessee?

How many children go to school in a favela?

They are schools and colleges there, they can go if there parents can afford it. The schools and colleges were made by bye the people of rochina.

Why do students go to cram schools in japan?

not enough money for schools since there were so many earthquakes.

Do Mexicans go to free public schools?

Yes, many of them do.

How many high schools did OJ Mayo go to?


How many schools did Princess Diana go to?

Around 6.

How many schools did Albert Einstein go to?

he went to one

How many schools did James Oglethorpe go to?

He went to 35 scools

How many students in the U.S.A. go to public schools?

none of them hahaha

How many vampires go to middle schools?

Zero. Vampires are fictional.

How many kids go to all the schools in the world?

Billions of kids .

Why is there catholic schools in the UK?

There are millions of Catholics in the UK and many of them want to be able to go to Catholic schools, so naturally there is a lot of Catholic schools in the UK.