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i think about 90-95% of all school have class presidents/student counsil

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Q: How many schools have class presidents?
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How many American Presidents have attended Ivy League schools?

12 have mrs chesneys class from your fellow class mate seat 30

How many American Presidents attended the Ivy League schools?


When was Presidents Leadership Class created?

Presidents Leadership Class was created in 1972.

What is the plural form of class president?

The plural form of class president is class presidents.

How many US presidents attended public school?

Many of the U.S. presidents did attend public school. Johnson, Carter, Reagan, Nixon, Clinton, and Eisenhower were some of the presidents that received educations from a public schools.

When are NYC schools closed for Presidents?

If New York City schools are closed, they would be closed on the third Monday of February for Presidents' Day.

Are Pinellas County schools out of school on Presidents' Day?

No they were not out of school for Presidents' Day in 2012.

What are the names of the High Schools attended by US Presidents and what is their graduating class size?

Barack Obama graduated from Punahou School in Hawaii, and its graduating class was about 250 students. George W. Bush graduated from Phillips Academy, with a graduating class of about 225 students.

Why schools don't have computers?

Many schools do have computers my school does but reasons why schools might not have them as for damage towards them or in class people play games

In American schools how many people are in each class?

Class sizes in American schools vary, but the average is around 20-30 students per class in elementary and middle schools, and 25-35 students per class in high schools. Class sizes can be larger in urban areas or in schools with tight budgets.

Does year round schools have school on presidents day?

Most year round schools do not have school on presidents day, altough I have heard of a few who do. Check the school itself.

What percent of schools have class pet?

what percent of schools allow class pets in the U.S.