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Mine does! I know this really doesn't answer your question but hey. Its great

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How many schools in Canada use laptops?

365 schools

How many schools use laptops?

A school can have any amount of laptops and maybe if you are a laptop helper at a school you could count them.

How much would it cost to use laptops in schools?

one hundred thity dollar for one

What laptops use the Nvidia system?

There are many types and brands of laptops that can use any kind of Nvidia graphics cards. Some of the brands of laptops with Nvidia are Dell, Asus and Lenovo.

Why use laptops when there are computers?

We use laptops because they are portable, and are battery powered, so we can use laptops on airplanes, or wherever we want to. By the way, laptops are computers. I think you meant desktop.

What type of ram do laptops use?

The type of RAM that laptops use is SD-RAM.

What type of RAM do most laptops use?

Laptops use SODIMM ram or SDRAM

What kind of ram cards do laptops use?

The RAM is use in laptops are SD-RAM

Are cheap laptops worth buying to use for my personal computer?

Yes, many of today's laptops are built with specs that compare to PC's. For basic PC functions, laptops peform just as well.

How many watts does a laptop use?

it differs from laptop to laptops ! gaming laptops will take upto 100 to 110 watts. normally 60 to 80 watts

Can you use alcohol for laptops?

no you can not

How do you attach two laptops?

To connect two laptops you need to use a Splitter

Does laptops have better internet connection?

No laptops that use wifi are usually worse.

How many schools ing Canada use uniforms?

about 56 schools in Canada use uniforms or have them for there students this is because they are mainly privet or prep schools

What eqipment do djs use?

they mainly use laptops

How many computers have been sold since 1981?

Millions and millions may have been sold. As the world is developing more and more people use computers and laptops more. Also laptops and computers which were earlier costly and very big, now have become cheap and small.

Are thinkpad laptops good quality compared with hp laptops?

Thinkpad laptops are good quality compared to hp laptops. But it depends on business or personal use needs. A thinkpad may be too expensive and a bit overkill in specs for personal use.

Can you use laptops on a airplane?


Why did the schools in World War I use canes?

The use of the cane in schools has a long history and is unrelated to World War 1. Introduced in Victorian times to replace the birch rod and the whip, it continued in use in England till about 1990.

Can I carry two laptops in a laptop backpack without causeing damage to the laptops?

Yes, you can carry two laptops in one bag without damaging them. Some backpacks are made to carry two laptops, so check to see if you have one of the many bags on the market designed for this. If not, you can make sure to use the divider that is in the bag to separate the two laptops.

How many schools in Wales use computers?

Currently as of answer date all schools in Wales have It as a subject and use technology as part of its curriculum

How many schools use St math?

About 1700

What is best in laptops HP or Dell?

Best laptops are considered by the purpose of your use. what is your purpose for example working, gaming, and many more uses each laptop has its unique specifications. so we can't describe that in an overall view. Get the best laptop models in **_

What are the ten most expensive laptops?

HP Laptops- eg.HP Pavilion dm3-1060ea Entertainment Laptop £499 Dell Laptops- eg. Dell inspiron £449 And many more I reccommend these brands because they are very popular and very safe to use...!

How many schools in the US allow students to use cell phones?

Only middle schools and High schools and colledges can, so that'll be like100 schools in the US

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