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So far a season 4 and 5 have been booked but I am not sure about any others. Let's hope that there are many seasons to come on this brilliant show! Hope this helps



Despite Eric Kripke's original plan to limit "Supernatural" to five seasons, the show has been picked up for a sixth season as of Februrary 16, 2010. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are both on a six year contract for the show and will definitely be apart of season six.

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Will the CW replay season 7 of supernatural?

No, they will not. TNT has the rights to all previous seasons to air in syndication. The CW can only air the current season.

What is the last season of Supernatural?

the actors hve signed for 6 seasons as for now they signed one more season as the end of the end of supernatural. season 7 will be this fall on CW

What channel is supernatural on season 6?

The CW

When is supernatural season 5 airing?

The CW has announced that Season Five of Supernaturalwill begin September 10.

Where can you watch supernatural s5e18 online for free?

The CW has all the old Supernatural episodes for free, and it is legal.

What channel is season 6 of supernatural on?

supernatural is always on The CW. you'd have to look online to see what channel it is for you.~

When does the sixth season of supernatural come out?

September 24th on the CW

Why did they cancle supernatural?

Supernatural is still airing. Season 7 will be coming out soon. Supernatural airs on CW at 9 on fridays and on TNT at 8 am.

Where can you watch full episodes of supernatural season 3 on-line?

You can watch full episodes of "Supernatural" on the CW. The CW also provides information on their line up and available shows.

Is there a soundtrack for 'Supernatural'?

Unfortunately, from my searches there is no official soundtrack for Supernatural. Disappointing i know. :) Fortunately on the Supernatural CW website you are likely to find a list of the songs for specific episodes.

How many of seasons of One Tree Hill are there?

As of 2011, there are 8 seasons of One Tree Hill, with season 8 being shown on The CW.

What channels are currently airing Supernatural?

thursdays after smallville on the CW, if you are in NC

Who sings the theme to supernatural on cw?

kansas- carry on my wayward son

Will there be action figures produced for the CW show Supernatural?

Most likely

When will supernatural season 6 repeat on the cw?

It never matters what you give them.

Do you have any site for downloading Supernatural TV Show from net?

Supernatural is free on Vudu and The CW. These are also legal sites.

What channel is supernatural on?

Supernatural airs on The CW on Thursdays at 9/8CSTand on Space at 9:00PM Est time on Wednesdays.

Is supernatural quiting?

What? No! You mean The CW TV show "Supernatural"? Of course not! They're currently going strong on their 7th season.

What channel will supernatural series five be on?

its on CW Channel 31 or 12 depending on where you are

How many seasons of The Vampire Diaries are there?

Right now there are 3 seasons but there are 7 seasons of vampire diaries all together. There are currently 4 Seasons of The Vampire Diaries. CW renewed The Vampire Diaries for a 5th Season.

What channel is supernatural season 4 being shown on?

The CW. On Thursdays at nine o'clock.

Where can you watch season 9 of supernatural legally?

Vudu and The CW both have them free and legal.

When is the fourth season of Supernatural schedualed to air on CW TV?

The 4th season of Supernatural premiers Thursday, September 18th at 9/8 central.

What season of supernatural is on tv?

The CW is playing re-runs of season 8. Season 9 begins Tuesday, October 8th 9/8c on the CW.

Is the cw planning on new seasons of charmed?

No, Charmed ended with season 8 and they don't plan on making new seasons.

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