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There are currently 19 seasons of The Amazing Race.

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Q: How many seasons of The Amazing Race are there?
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How many seasons does CBS plan to have for The Amazing Race?

Currently there are 19 seasons of The Amazing Race.

How many seasons of The Amazing Race?

Currently their have been 19 seasons.

Who are the winners of The Amazing Race?

There are no exact winners of The Amazing Race. The Amazing Race has different seasons. As of now, there are 19 seasons.

Why are there so many season for the amazing race?

There are so many seasons for The Amazing Race because it is an interesting show with variety, and the viewing rate is very high still.

How many seasons of The Amazing Race have there been?

There is thirteen seasons, but the fourteenth one premieres February 15 at 8 on CBS.Update: There is now 18 seasons of The Amazing Race. Season 18 which started on February 20, 2011 is still showing on TV right now! Watch it on Sundays CBS @ 8:00-9:00 PM.Currently their have been 18 seasons.

Who are the contestants for this seasons amazing race?

The contestants for Season 17 have not been released yet.

Where can you see previous episodes of amazing race?

Full episodes and clips of other episodes can be watched on line at the website.Past seasons of The Amazing Race are available on DVD.

When is amazing race 18 starting?

Dude! Amazing Race 17 hasn't even started, so how are we supposed to know when Amazing Race 18 starts! Lol It's true amazing race 17 hasn't started yet but usually the seasons are every 6 months. So the 18th season should be the spring of 2011.

How many awards has The Amazing Race won?

The Amazing Race has won three Grammy Awards and a Best Race Competition Show award.

Who is the Amazing race host?

For all seasons, the series is hosted by veteran New Zealand television personality, Phil_Keoghan.

What station is The Amazing Race on?

The Amazing Race is on CBS.

Is the amazing race real?

The Amazing Race is indeed real.

How many episodes in a season of amazing race?


What happened on The Amazing Race Unfinished Business leg 1?

This was the first episode of The Amazing Race. Which aired on February 20,2011. 11 or 12 returning teams from previous Amazing Race seasons are back to complete their unfinished business! They get a second chance, aren't they lucky!Please click on the link below to watch this episode.

Who won amazing race?

Amazing race 13? Megan And Cheynne.

What day does The Amazing Race start?

The Amazing Race starts on Sundays.

Where was the host of the amazing race was born?

Where was the host of 'the amazing race was born?'

What are the ratings and certificates for The Amazing Race - 2001 Amazing 'Crazy' Race 23-11?

The Amazing Race - 2001 Amazing 'Crazy' Race 23-11 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG

Who hosts The Amazing Race Australia?

The Amazing Race Australia is hosted by Grant Bowler.The Amazing Race Australia is hosted by Grant Bowler.

When did The Amazing Race Norge happen?

The Amazing Race Norge happened in 2012.

When was The Amazing Race France created?

The Amazing Race France was created in 2012.

When was The Amazing Race Philippines created?

The Amazing Race Philippines was created in 2012.

How long has amazing race been on?

almost eleven years, because it started since 2001. the show has been running for 19 seasons.

When will amazing race 2013 air?

Amazing Race 2013 started in January 2013.

Are the lesbians still in amazing race?

The Amazing Race is now over. No they didn't win.