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10 feet by 10 feet- this includes 18 inches from table to back of chair for seating arrangements.

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I have a round table with 4 chairs what size table cloth should I get

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Q: How many seats at a 48 in round table?
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How many people can you seat at a 48 inch round table?


How many seats in a 50 x 100 room using 48 tables?

That will depend on the size and shape of each table, and on how many are to be seated at each table.

What is the circumference of a 48 round table?

If you are referring to a 48 inch table that means that its diameter is 48 inches, to work out its circumference you have to use the formula C= pi x d. This means that your answer is 3.14... x 48 = 150.8 inches approximately. If the table is 48 centimetres wide then its circumference will be 150.8 cm approximately.

How big are the standard banquet tables?

The standard rectangular banquet table is eight feet long and comfortably seats eight to ten people. A six foot rectangular model is also available and seats six to eight people. Round banquet tables are available in 30", 48", 60" and 72" diameters. These seat as few as four (30") and as many as ten (72"). Round tables are less efficient in terms floor space.

Can a 48 inch round table fit in a room 7 foot by 9 foot.?


How many people can you comfortably seat at a 96 inch round banquet table?

it depends on how many chairs and how long and tall or short and small the chairs are

How much space do you need for a 48 inch round table?

You need to calculate the diameter of the table, then find the square of that. So, assuming the circumference is 48, the diameter is 15.27889. 15.278892 = 233.4444. You'd need approximately 233.45 square inches.

How many people can sit around 48 X 96 table?

Ten people can sit around a 48 inch by 96 inch table.

If 48 of the 60 seats on a bus were occupied what percent of the seats were not occupied?

40% of the seats were not occupied on the bus.

What size rug round should I get for a 36 inch dining table?

If the dining table diameter is 36" (900mm), a rug underneath this table should be sized so that it is large enough to be beyond the chair legs when a chair is in the pulled out position. This means it will not catch on the chair as the person seats themselves and pulls the chair in. A rug that extends at least 48" (1200mm) beyond each side of the table would be required. This gives a total diameter for the rug of at least 130" (3300mm).

How many golfers will play the third round of the Master's tournament?

48 in 2010.

How many inches is a table length?

The average dining table is 36" wide and either 30, 48, 72, 96, or 120" long.