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The stanard Landrover Defender is equiped with two seats. There is a station wagon model that comes equiped with 4-6 seats, your choice.

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Q: How many seats does a Landrover Defender have?
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Where are the spark plugs in a landrover defender?

landrover defender has glow plugs on diesel models

What is the best landrover?

110 defender

Will new landrover defender steel wheels fit a discovery 1?

Yes they will, range rover classic, discovery 1 & Defender have the same wheel fitment.

How many Land Rover vehicles sold?

The official answer from Landrover from their publications is approximately 4,000,000 since 1948 when the first Land Rover was launched. 2/3 of these vehicles, Landrover claim, are still in service. April 1948 - Landrover (now Defender) June 1970 - Range Rover 1989 - Discovery 1997 - Freelander All vehicles are made in the UK.

How many o2 sensors does a 03 landrover discovery have?


Do you have 2 fit seat belts in landrover on side facing seats registered before 1988?

if the car didn't come with seat belts on those seats from factory you don't need them. but i'd say put seat belts in anyway you can never be to safe.

Has there been new Landrover cars in 2011?

Yes, Landrover made four new cars in 2011. They are the Landrover LR2, the Landrover LR4, the RangeRover, and the Rangerover sport. These are all new cars made in 2011.

Where can one purchase Landrover 110 vehicle?

The Landrover Defender 110 has a wheel base of 110 inches, thus how it gets its name. It was originally released in 1983 and the best place to look for one to purchase would be a local used car dealer or an online used car website. Ebay, Kajiji or Craig's List may be options to purchase this car.

Where can one find a Landrover bulkhead online?

Landrover bulkhead can be found online on Landroverimport. They sell unique pieces to help someone build their own landrover bulkhead. Ebay sells used Landrover bulkheads as well.

How many quarts of oil for a landrover discovery?

5 quarts of 5/30

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