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i have no assuming quite a few

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this is not a name 72 wold be if you said Claude Monet

There are 1,189 paintings attributed to Claude Monet. However, there are several series of almost identical paintings of the same subject.But how many that are the same?

approximately 250 oil paintings

Claude Monet had one brother.

He has done many paintings. Here are some kinds he did.

Claude Monet had two sons named Jean and Michel.

Actually, Claude Monet was the second son of Adolphe Monet and Louise Aubree his older brother is called Leon Pascal Monet

Claude Monet had about 5 grandchildren. Their names were Germaine, Suzanne, Marthe, Jean Pierre, and Jacques.

ABout 2000 pieces of artwork were painted. It was an estimated amount due to the many unknown paintings not yet discovered.

About 2000. It's hard to determine the exact number of paintings of Claude Monet since there are still some of his works that are not yet discovered. However, he is known for a series of water lilies, gardens and landscape paintings.

He started using this subject in the 1890's and made very many paintings of it up till his death in 1926.

by painting so many paintings like mate

Go to the library and borrow one of the many books about him!

No, there were not many awards to be won at the time.

One, her name was Camille and she died.

If you mean Rembrandt, he painted or drew about 30 self-portraits.

There exist 35 painted and 4 drawn self-portraits by Vincent.

Because he started Impressionism which appeals to very many people.

There weren't many awards to win during that time. But he was the founder of Impressionism.

He was married twice. He was first married to Camille. His second wife is Alice.

For starting Impressionism and painting a great many paintings in this new style.

She painted 55 self portraits out of 143. Check the related link below

Dozens and dozens of his paintings are famous:Impression, SunrisePoppies BloomingSaint Lazare StationHaystacksRouen CathedralJapanese BridgeWater Liliesand many more

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