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Semen is the fluid. It is not a "how many" but a "how much".

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2011-06-24 00:37:59
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Q: How many semen is produced in one ejaculation?
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How many sperm straws come from a bulls semen?

Since one bull, on average, gives 7 ml of semen in an ejaculation, 14 x 0.5 ml straws or 28 x 0.25 ml straws can come from one ejaculation from a bull.

How much semen comes out during one ejaculation?

a normal man ejaculate semen about one tea spoon or big spoon.

What areNightfall effects?

Uncontrolled ejaculation of semen is one of the effects of the Night fall.

How many days in the semen comes to sex for one time?

Semen is produced continuously, more or less like your spit.

How many calories are in one tablespoon of semen?

Men only produce about a teaspoon with each ejaculation and the caloric content of that is 5-7 calories.

Is semen good for your body?

I doubt if there is enough of it in an ejaculation to make any difference one way or another.

Are 4 teaspoons of semen a lot for one ejaculation?

one teaspoon is about average, so yes, 4 would be quite a lot.

How do you thicken your semen?

Semen builds up over several days, so if you have one ejaculation a week, the semen will be fairly thick. If you ejaculate every day, or more often, the semen seems thinner. It still has millions of sperm though.

Can a man hold on sperms after erection during intercourse?

Yes, the ejaculation (semen coming out) doesn't occur immediately after the erection. It usually requires some additional stimulation for an ejaculation - such as the one provided by intercourse.

Semen is produced in the?

The sperm for semen is produced in the testicles (The seminiferous tubule), then several fluids are added to the sperm, such as that from the prostate and seminal vesicle, so it really isn't produced in one place, but it is all in the male reproductive system.

How many offspring can one stallion horse produce in its lifetime?

Using collected semen, one stallion can produce 100's of horses. Each ejaculation of a potent stallion could impregnate up to 7 mares.

What is a unit of bull semen?

One ejaculation, which is from 4 to 7 cc of semen. This is then, if used and stored for AI, is divided up into straws according to what each straw should hold. Usually, each straw will hold around 0.5 cc to 1.5 cc of semen.

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