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There are 33 - 1 for each district.

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Q: How many senators are there in the Ohio Senate?
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How many senators does Ohio's senate have?

Ohio has two senators because each state have two senators.

How many Ohio senators?

Like every state, Ohio has 2 senators in the US Senate

How many US represntatives are there from Ohio?

Ohio has 16 representatives in the US House of Representatives in Congress. They also have two senators in the US Senate.

How many senators are in the French Senate?

There are 343 senators in the French Senate.

How long is Ohio's senators' term in office?

The 33 members of the Ohio State Senate serve for 4-year terms. The 2 Senators who represent Ohio in the US Senate serve for 6-year terms, as do the US Senators representing all the other states in the Union.

How many senators are there in Michigan senate in lansing?

there are 38 senators in the Michigan Senate

How many senators are there in the senate?

There are 2 Senators for each state. Therefore there are 100 Senators in the US Senate.

How many Senate are there and why?

Each state has two senators, which means that in the Senate there are 100 senators.

How many senators are serve in the senate?

100 senators

How many Senators are in Tennessee?

Tennessee has two senators in the U.S. Senate and 33 in the State Senate.

How many Republican senators in the senate?

There are presently 41 Republican senators in the United States Senate.

How many Ohio state senators are there?

There are 33 state senators. The Ohio General Assembly is the state's legislative body, and it is comprised of two houses, like the US Congress. There are 99 Representatives in the House, and 33 Senators in the state Senate. See the related link below for the current state senators.

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