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There are a total of 50 shades of brown. The shades of brown include auburn, burnt ember, camel, chestnut, chocolate, coffee, copper, maroon, sepia, seal brown, sandy brown and russet just to name a few.

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Q: How many shades of brown are there?
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How many color of eyes are there?

Generally, many shades of blue or brown.

What is the duration of Four Shades of Brown?

The duration of Four Shades of Brown is 3.2 hours.

Is a rainbow all brown?

No, it contains many shades of various colors.

Why are there barely any shades of brown?

Wikipedia has 39 pages in the category "Shades of Brown", so I'm not sure about the question. Any paint store would have dozens of hues, tints and shades of brown.

Often shown shades of brown on a map?


What colour is schist?

It has many colours, mainly different shades of brown and grey colours.

How many different shades of brown are there?

Being honest. Over 1000. Hope I helped.

Why are some potatoes brown?

Because there are many kinds of potatoes, some are white, some are shades of brown and even red and purple.

What dog breeds have a brown colour by nature?

There are many breeds of dog that are naturally brown and many shades of brown. Some examples are the Brussels Griffon, the Barbet, the Irish Setter and the Irish terrier.

What coulour is brunnette?

Any shades of brown.

What are the shades between yellow and brown?


Does pink and brown match in clothing?

kind of...depends on shades of pink and brown

Are moles brown?

Most are varying shades of brown. Some are jet black.

What is another color for brown?

There are many shades of brown including Chestnut Brown,Light/Medium/Dark brown hair or just be considered dark hair.Brown hair is commonly reffered to as brunette.

What is often shown in shades of brown on a map?

Mountains are often shown in shades of brown on a map. This is meant to show their higher elevation relative to surrounding areas.

How many colors are in the human race?

there are different shades of white, brown and black, but we all have RED blood.

What color is mud?

Usually brown, because mud is a result of many shades mingling. Think plasticine colors, mixed together.The color depends on the source of the mud, but once mud becomes mud, it's all pretty much the same overall color, which can be shades of black, green, red or yellow or other shades. Most likely, it will be brown.brown

How many shades of colors in alpacas?

You can get brown, white, black, grey. They are the main colours but then you can get the a mix between brown and black, black and white, etc.

What color is the mountain beaver?

different shades of brown

Are black people black?

No, they are different shades of brown.

What are the colors of Ganymede?

Different shades of brown and gray.

What are the current hottest trends in lipstick shades?


What color are astroids?

Various shades of grey and brown.

Is red darker than brown?

There are many shades of both color, so it would depend on what shade. Generally, I assume brown is darker than red.

What colors are on a bunny?

Gray, brown, blue gray, white, black, and other shades of brown.