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Q: How many shekels of brass did goliath's coat of armour weigh?
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how much does 5000 shekels of bronze weigh?

If the original shekel is used, Goliath's armour (5000 shekels) weighs a little over 90 lbs.

How much does 600 shekels of iron weigh?

fifteen pounds

How much does five thousand shekels weigh in pounds?

125 pounds (2000 ounces)

How much does two hundred shekels weigh in ounces?

The value is 77,6 oz (for the Mesopotamian shekel).

How much did the Terracotta warriors armour weigh?

175-200 kg

What does and .38 brass casing weigh?

one 38 special brass casing WITH spent primer weighs about 68 grains.

How much would 15000 shekels weigh?

it depends, how are you counting it. in 1 shekel coins, it'll be: 4g * 15,000 = 60,000 g = 60 K

How much does a cubic inch of brass weigh?

Of course, different brasses and forms can vary, but at a specific gravity of about 8.5, a cubic inch of brass would weigh about 5 ounces (or just under a third of a pound).

How much does piano brass plate weigh?

it weights about up to 800 pounds

How do you spell scheckles meaning money?

The spelling is also the monetary unit of Israel, spelled shekel, plural shekels from the Hebrew coin (sheqel, seqel, to weigh).

How much did the americens armor weigh wile fighting on d day landings?

No Allied troops wore body armour. It did not exist then. Steel helmets was it.No Allied troops wore body armour. It did not exist then. Steel helmets were it.

How much does a hummer equipped with armour plating weigh?

A Hummer will weigh as much as 6000 pounds. The armor plating can add 8000 pounds, giving the vehicle a total weight of 14,000 pounds.