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barbie forteza have 1 siblings and 2 parents

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Q: How many siblings does Barbie forteza have?
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What nicknames does Barbie Forteza go by?

Barbie Forteza goes by Barbie.

What is the birth name of Barbie Forteza?

Barbie Forteza's birth name is Barbara Ambas Forteza.

What is Barbie forteza's real name?

The True Name Of Barbie Forteza :Barbara Ambas Forteza

How tall is Barbie forteza?

Barbie Forteza is 4"10 tall.

Where is Barbie forteza's school?

barbie forteza study on saint. Claire

When was Barbie Forteza born?

Barbie Forteza was born on July 31, 1997.

Ano ang totoong pangalan ni barbie forteza?

Barbara barbie forteza

Who is Barbie forteza crush?

Joshua dionisio is barbie forteza's crush it's Joshua Dionisio..

What is Barbie Forteza's birthday?

July 31,1997

What is the full name of barbie forteza?

Barbara Ambas Forteza

What is the real name of barbie forteza?

Barbara ambas forteza

Who the boyfriend of Barbie forteza?

barbie forteza has Juan Carlo Cojuangcos. She stole from Kathryn who has victor consnji