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He only has 1 sibling

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Q: How many siblings does lucas grabeel have?
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Does lucas grabeel have any siblings?

yes Yes he does, Autumn Grabeel she's a year older than Lucas

What is the birth name of Lucas Grabeel?

Lucas Grabeel's birth name is Lucas Stephen Grabeel.

What is Lucas Grabeel's astrological sign?

Lucas Grabeel is a Sagittarius.

Did Lucas Grabeel have surgery?

It is not known if Lucas Grabeel has had surgery. Lucas Grabeel is an actor most known for appearing in High School Musical.

When was Lucas Grabeel born?

Lucas Grabeel was born on November 23, 1984.

What is Lucas Grabeel's birthday?

Lucas Grabeel was born on November 23, 1984.

What is lucas grabeel Facebook name?

does Lucas Grabeel have a facebook name please?

Where does Lucas Grabeel live?

Lucas Grabeel lives in Los Angeles, California.

Is lucas grabeel tall?

Lucas Grabeel is about avrage for a young adult, Lucas is infact 5"8.

Is lucas grabeel bald?

Lucas Grabeel has shaved his head bald, you can see it on YouTube

Who are lucas grabeel parents?

Father: Stephen Grabeel Mother: Jene Grabeel

Where can you find pictures of Lucas Grabeel?

Well, you can go to, and type in Lucas Grabeel in the Key Box! You'll get like 1,000 pics of him there! -Lucas Grabeel expert and LOVER

Is lucas grabeel cuter then Zac Efron?

zac efron has no looks lucas grabeel is cuter then any one in my opinion

What is the name of lucas grabeel's mom?

jean grabeel

What is lucas grabeel's sisters name?

Autumn Grabeel

What is Ryan off of high school musical real name?

lucas grabeel lucas grabeel

What nicknames does Lucas Grabeel go by?

Lucas Grabeel goes by Mr. Go-Get-Em, and Gramps.

Is lucas grabeel a gay?

Lucas has a girlfriend.

Does Ashley Tisdale like lucas grabeel?

Why would she love Lucas Grabeel? They're just friends.

Is lucas grabeel cute?

yes he is so hot go lucas grabeel i love ya

Is lucas grabeel left handed?

Lucas Grabeel is Left-Handed

What is Lucas Grabeel's Hobbie?

Lucas Grabeel's hobbies are stretching paint,write music and play guitar.

Is Lucas Grabeel dating Emma Watson?

Lucas Grabeel is not currently dating Emma Watson. She is dating Matthew Janney, and Grabeel is currently not seeing anyone.

What is number phone lucas grabeel?

Lucas Grabeel's phone number is unpublished. Fans can write to him at: Lucas Grabeel, Group III Management, 13914 Addison Street, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423.

What is lucas grabeel's mother's maiden name?

Lucas Grabeel is best known for his role as Ryan Evans in Disney's "High School Musical" trilogy. He is the son of Stephen Grabeel and Jean (Harman) Grabeel.