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A rectangle has 4 sides and opposites sides are equal.........


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A rectangle has 4 edges or sides.

A rectangle has 4 sides and 4 vertices

A octagon has 8 sides.

Sides = faces. 6 of them.

a paralleogram has four sides

An icoshaedron has 20 sides.

A parallelogram has 4 sides

A square is a quadrilateral that has 4 equal sides

It could be any number of sides, poly is the Greek word for many...

how many sides dose a pentagon have 5 sides. = 540 degrees

Its 2 opposite sides are equal in length

All triangles have three sides. No matter what kind they are.

A quadrilateral has four sides.

a Pentagon has 5 sides.

How many sides does a square based pyramid have... it has five including the base !

No. By definition, a rectangle must have TWO pairs of parallel sides. Also, each pair of parallel sides will be congruent. *If this is not happening with your shape, it isn't a rectangle.

A cube has:- 6 sides 12 edges 8 corners

Do 4 sides times 4 rectangles. So it would be 4x4=16 sides

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