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There are 7 games in total. Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill 4: The Room, Silent Hill: Origins, Silent Hill Homecoming, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

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Q: How many silent hill games?
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How many silent hill games are there?

There are currently thirteen Silent Hill games. Seven in the main series, four spin-off titles, and two remakes.

What are the names of all ten Silent hill games in order?

#1 Silent Hill #2 Silent Hill 2 #3 Silent Hill 3 #4 Silent Hill 4: The Room (The Silent Hill Collection)* #5 Silent Hill Origins #6 Silent Hill Homecoming #7 Silent Hill Shattered Memories #8 Silent Hill 8 #9 (Silent Hill: Orphan)* #10 (Silent Hill: The Escape)* *You may not count theese as Silent Hill games because One is a collection of #2 #3 and #4 in the series, and Orphan and The Escape were released on mobile phones.

Do they have Silent Hill games for DS?


What is the silent hill storyline?

There are many different storylines, considering that there are 7 games and another one to come out this November, plus the film, but the main concept is that, at some point in the main characters life, they end up in silent hill, which is basically a strange other-world, full of grotesque monsters and a creepy atmosphere. Heres the titles to the individual games, if you wish to look up a particular story (not particularly in order); -silent hill -silent hill 2 -silent hill 3 -silent hill 4: the room -silent hill 5: homecoming -silent hill: origins -silent hill: shattered memories -silent hill: downpour (unreleased)

Who created silent hill?

Konami games.

What is Silent Hill 4 about exactly?

Silent Hill 4 is the fourth part of the Silent Hill horror survival computing game series. It is developed by Team Silent, and published by the games company Konami.

How many Silent Hill movies are there?

there's 2, Silent Hill and Silent Hill Revelation. All movies on TopRater:

Is there a silent hill 6?

There are seven Silent Hill Games in the Main series and a movie.Games1. Silent Hill2. Silent Hill 2 - Shattered Dreams3. Silent Hill 34. Silent Hill 4 - The Rooms5. Silent Hill - Origins (Also known as Silent Hill - Zero)6. Silent Hill - Homecoming7. Silent Hill - Shattered Memories (A remake of the first game)8. Silent Hill - Downpour (Due to be released)Films:Silent Hill (Of the first game)Silent Hill 2 - Revelations (Of the third game)Comic Books (Unsure if Official or not):Silent Hill - Past LifeSilent Hill - Dying Inside #1Silent Hill - Dying Inside #2Silent Hill - The Grinning ManSilent Hill - Sinner's RewardSilent Hill - Dead/AliveOthers:Silent Hill - Play NovelSilent Hill - ArcadeSilent Hill - Mobile DXSilent Hill - Mobile (Orphan)Silent Hill - The EscapeSilent Hill - Mobile 2Silent Hill - Mobile 3Silent Hill - Book of Memories

Is silent hill a silent film?

No, Silent Hill is not a silent movie.

What games system did silent hill origins come out for?

Silent Hill Origins came out for the Sony PlayStation 2 and the Sony PSP.

Is silent hill the movie potray the real silent hill town?

Silent Hill is a fictional town. The movie is based upon the popular video game franchise of the same name. It was filmed in a town called Centralia, which was destroyed by coal fires a long time ago. The Silent Hill games weren't based on Centralia. There was no coal fire in the games, either. Also, the non-monster version of Silent Hill in the movie was abandoned, while the non-monster version of Silent Hill in the games was a normal populated town.

Is Aspen Hill Silent Hill?

No, it has nothing to do with Silent Hill.

On how many platforms is Silent Hill 5 available?

Silent Hill 5 is the fifth installment in the Silent Hill survival horror video game series developed by Double Helix Games. The game is available across three platforms, which are Xbox 360, PS3, and Windows PC.

New silent hill games?

There is infact a new game, Silent Hill 8. But no new info is concevied of the game. If you go on Silent Hill Wiki and search it it might have more info on it than last time.

Any good horror games that aren't amnesia or slender?

Silent Hill Downpour or Silent Hill HomeComing Dead Space is also scary.

Silent hill 3?

I think silent hill 3 is the easiest.

Can silent hill 4 be played on the Wii?

No, the only Silent Hill to be released on the Wii would be Silent Hill: Shattered memories.

What is silent hill about?

There are many games on the franchise, but the recurring element is that there is a person who has some personal burdens, and is put in this small town, Silent Hill, where most of life has changed, and roads have been disabled. Read upon specifics on Wikipedia.

Is silent hill true?

Silent Hill is not a "true" place, nor is the story considered "True". The town of Silent Hill was vaguely based off of Centralia, PA. The metaphorical nature, like in most story games, however, is up to perspective if it is "true" or not.

Why do thay call the movie silent hill?

They call it silent hill because its roughly based off the silent hill game series.

What year was the movie silent hill made?

Silent hill came out in 2006.

How can you get to silent hill from Western Australia?

With your imagination. Silent Hill doesn't exist.

When did Silent Hill Homecoming happen?

Silent Hill Homecoming happened in 360.

What was the Production Budget for Silent Hill?

The Production Budget for Silent Hill was $50,000,000.

What is the silent hill game about?

There are many games on the franchise, but the recurring element is that there is a person who has some personal burdens, and is put in this small town, Silent Hill, where most of life has changed, and roads have been disabled. Read upon specifics on Wikipedia.