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One American Silver eagle dollar will make an ounce of silver. Only silver dollars dated 1935 and older contain silver. They contain about .77 troy ounces of silver. So about 1.3 Silver dollars 1935 and older would make an ounce of silver.

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Q: How many silver dollars make 1 oz silver?
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how many 1965 half dollars to make an ounce?

Silver half dollars have about 0.362 Troy oz. of silver in them, so 3 of them would be 1.086 Troy oz.

How many silver dollars to an oz?

silver dollars should all be 1 ounce give or take a few grams

How many Kennedy dollars after 1964 would make 1 oz of silver?

No Kennedy DOLLARS exist. But 7 Kennedy halves dated from 1965 to 1970 would have 1.0353oz of silver.

What is the silver content of a silver dollar?

Flowing Hair, Draped Bust, and Gobrecht silver dollars contain .8924 oz. Pure silver. Trade dollars contain .7874 oz. pure silver Liberty Seated , Morgan and Peace dollars contain .77344 oz. pure silver. Eisenhower silver dollars contain .3161 oz pure silver . American Silver Eagles contain a full oz. pure silver

How many Franklin half dollars make 1 oz of silver?

3 well equal a little more than a ounce of silver.

How many silver half dollars does it take to make 1oz of silver?

it takes nearly 3 - 90% silver half dollars to make an oz of silver IF IF IF the coins are not worn down.. the least worn are the franklin and Kennedy halves the most worn are the walking liberties halves.. it can take up to 6 of them[WL's] if they are really.really worn to make an oz of silver! be careful as Midas Resources,Ted Anderson,and Alex jones claim 2 half dollars equal 1 oz of silver, which is not correct.

How many silver dollars make 1 oz of silver?

No true silver dollar (1794-1935) has a full ounce of silver. The Actual Silver Weight is .77344oz of pure silver. So less then two.

How many Eisenhowser 40 percent silver will make 1 ounce of Silver?

Four 40% Eisenhower dollars= a little more than 1 & 1/4 oz of silver.

How many oz of silver is 100 grains?

Your weight of silver would equal 4 dollars and 39 cents. Silver is around 21 dollars per every troy ounce.

How many halves make up an oz of silver?


How mamy halF dollars will make 1 oz of silver?

All half dollars made in 64 or earlier have .36169oz of silver. So 3 will equal a little more than an ounce.

How much does a 1 oz silver dollar cost?

100,000,000.00 dollars

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How many silver dollars make an ounce?

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