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If you're playing on the ps3 you hold down the R2 and when you get close to the basket push square.

If you're playing x box 360 you hold down the RT and when you get close to the basket push x.

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Q: How many skill points do you need to dunk in 2k13?
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What are skill points in Wii Sports Resort?

Skill points are a rough measure of how good a player is at a certain event, or at least how much he/has played it. After every game, the player is awarded (or penalized) a number of skill points, depending on how well he/she performed. After accumulating 1,000 skill points, the player is promoted to "Pro" class. In some events, the player can face off against an extremely skilled computer-controlled "Champion" after reaching around 1,500 skill points then at 2,000 skill points you become a superstar.

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wwe rules

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In sims 2 for Nintendo ds how do you know how many skill points you have?

you can see how many skill points you have by checking the stat panel in the managers suite, and not only that, it will also tell you game stats like how many aliens you've vanquished and how many goons you've captured. in hotel info, you can see how many guests have stayed, your hotel score and metal detector & vacum earnings.