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It has 1 National soccer team.

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Q: How many soccer teams does El Salvador have?
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Is el Salvador the worst team in soccer?

no el salvador is better than alot teams

How many times has el salvador beaten Mexico in soccer?

El Salvador has beat Mexico four times in Soccer.

What is el salvador's soccer team called?

el salvador

What is el salvador's sport?


Which soccer team is better el salvador or Honduras?

El Salvador :D Im from there

What is el salvador's most popular sport?

The most popular sport in El Salvador is Soccer

Who won the El Salvador vs Mexico beach soccer match in Cancun?

el salvador

Does El Salvador have an soccer team?


Who won El Salvador vs Honduras soccer 2012?

honduras 2 el salvador 0

The favorite sports in El Salvador are?

soccer and tennis

Who is better el salvador or Mexico at soccer?

Mexico, it has more victories over El Salvador but El Salvador is a good team but the better team (Mexico) wins

What is el salvadors national sport?

The main sport of El Salvador is soccer

What sports do people participate in in El Salvador?

Soccer Futbol

When was the last time el salvador beat Mexico in soccer?

El Salvador last beat Mexico on April 4, 2007 by a goal difference of 2-1 in El Salvador.

When was the last time Mexico beat El Salvador in soccer?

El Salvador last beat Mexico on April 4, 2007 by a goal difference of 2-1 in El Salvador.

How many seasons does El Salvador have?

there are two seasons in el salvador

What sport does El Salvador play?

soccer or as they say it it's (football)

What country used the P51 Mustang in the Soccer War?

El Salvador.

Why does el salvador suck at soccer?

cause they have no good player and there trash

How many miles from Tennessee to El Salvador?

how many squere miles in el salvador

Who won Honduras or el salvador after the soccer game yeterday?

Honduras won by 1 an el salvador 0 YAY HONDURAS :D <333

Who is the most famous soccer player in central America?

Jorge El Magico Gonzales (El Salvador)

How much money do soccer players make in el salvador?

1$ a year

What is the most well known sport in El Salvador?

soccer or as we call it futbol

How many lakes and rivers are in el salvador?

there 10./00 lakes in el salvador