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there were only 5 000000 canadians came home after the war out of 3.5 million

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The number of surviving soldiers that came back from World War I was 55,692,802. The total number of deaths from the war was 9.7 million.

all answers are correct started families, went into family businesses, went back to school

WORLD WAR 2 yah because there are many soldiers that came came came came to this beutiful island of Bahamas

around 70 came back out of 62000

Following World War I, soldiers came home from the war feeling disillusioned with all the gore and horror they had seen. As a result, many people turned away from religion.

Some left the military and retired to live normal lifes whiles some stayed in the military intill their retirement age

Postwar disillusionment refers to the pain of the military as they came home after the war and tried to readjust to life. Soldiers came home to find many things had changed including that minorities and women successfully working.

On the whole out of 10 million who fought the war .......... only 45000 came back home safely

About 11.5 million American men came home from WW II. Around the world the total number was above 100 million men.

Quite a few but it would have been fantastic if he had wrote 880,000 more and all the guys came home. Gazman

Battle fatigue hurt soldiers psychologically and sociologically. Many soldiers returned home and the GI Bill was put into place in order to help the soldiers regain a normal life again.

50000 soldiers came from Britain to respond to the colonist's attacks.

It was a pandemic, so it affected the entire world and all age groups, including the young and healthy. Because it hit during World War 1, many soldiers were sick with the disease and also helped to spread it around the world, as they came and went from home and battlefield.

how many soldiers fought in world war 1hundreds of thousands

They didn't want the military, they didn't want the war, and they weren't welcome, when they came home.

Before World War I, American soldiers had never seen such brutality and bloodshed. After they came back from the war, many were disillusioned with life, or were suffering from shell shock. Quite a few of the returning soldiers turned to alcohol or drugs for comfort.

I believe if you add up the forces which came from the west and the east into Germany and all the German soldiers you would get a total of 5 million.

How many US soldiers served in World War 2?

There were many soldiers that served in World War I from around the world. The state of Oklahoma provided 75 of these soldiers.

120 million soldiers in world war 1 and An estimated 150 million soldiers in world war 2

Yes, many of them would have been proud to wear their uniforms back home to show what they had done.

Peace came after WW2, people went home, business made some money, thousands of soldiers, sailors and airmen could not find work. Many people moved or even emigrated to find work. The world was in a depression paying for the war.

About 534,617 soldiers survived world war I. 595,000 soldiers served and 60,383 were dead.

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