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Q: How many soldiers did Hitler have?
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How many soldiers did Adolf Hitler have?

Adolf Hitler had around 50,000-100,000 soldiers.

How many german soldiers did hitler have?

18.2 million

What type of soldiers did adolf Hitler have?

Adolf Hitler amassed a large army in Germany and had many types of soldiers in various branches of the military.

How many troops did Hitler send to the Rhineland?

37,000 soldiers and police

How many soldiers did Hitler have on his side?

None only the jews he owned

How many soldiers did Hitler have at the start of World War 2?

he had one which was his wife

When Hitler did rearm Germany how much did he rearm by?

1932 Hitler had 30 warships. By 1939 Hitler had 90 warships. 1932, Hitler had 36 aircraft's. By 1939 Hitler had 8,250 aircraft's. 1932, Hitler had 100,000 soldiers. By 1939 Hitler had 950,000 soldiers.

Who were the Nazis and how did they rule?

German soldiers lead by Hitler. The Nazis hated jews

How many people did Adolf Hitler have in his army?

He has 0 people in his army. He commanded soldiers.

After D-day Hitler sent soldiers on these three fronts?

after d day hitler sent soldiers to what three fronts

Who were the soldiers that served the army of Hitler?

the people that served the army was hitler himself

What percent of Nazi soldiers fought for Hitler?

They all fought for Hitler and their homeland.

How many soldiers were in Hitler's army?

Hitler fights by itself and he got shredd into pieces...MWUHAHAHA

What was the goal for Hitler Youth?

The goal of the Hitler Youth was to teach the boys to be soldiers by training them while the girls were to learn how to be the wives of these new soldiers.

Facts about nazi soldiers?

who is adolf hitler

What did the soldiers call Hitler?


How many people joined Hitler in his killing?

It would be difficult to say exactly but there were thousands of people, including soldiers and ordinary people, who joined Hitler in his killing.

What was the oath of Hitler?

The oath of Hitler or the Hitler oath was a pledge of allegiance that the German soldiers were to be sworn by during the "Third Reich" from the start of the 1930's and until the war ended in 1945. It meant that they were sworn loyalty to Hitler. Both soldiers and officers and many civilians were sworn under this oath. I apologize for my poor north European English. :)

Did Hitler have Jewish soldiers?

he had Jewish soldiers in the ghetto where all the Jewish people lived

Where were soldiers evacuated from in France as Hitler invaded?

Dunkirk. 338,000 Allied soldiers were rescued.

Where soldiers forced to follow Hitler?

yes if they were German soldiers and normal menor they were killed

How many soldiers did Hitler have in May 1945?

Hitler died on April 30, 1945. In May of that year, the German Army had been reduced to about 40,000 consisting of mostly elderly and young soldiers. The rest of the Army was either captured or surrendered.

What did Adolf Hitler do when America reached Berlin?

Hitler was dead by the time American soldiers were in Berlin

Why did the soldiers support Hitler?

They were threatened to be killed otherwise.

Why did Hitler make Hitler youth?

Because he did not have enough soldiers and was completely insane, plus a nut job.....