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he had one which was his wife

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Q: How many soldiers did Hitler have at the start of World War 2?
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How many soldiers did Hitler have?


How many soldiers did Adolf Hitler have?

Adolf Hitler had around 50,000-100,000 soldiers.

How many soldiers did Hitler have at the start of World War 1?

None. Hitler was in his teens at the time of WWI, and did not get his command until about 1932-1934It is important to note, however, that Hitler did serve in the First World War as a runner in the Bavarian Reserves.

How many US soldiers start of World War 2?


What type of soldiers did adolf Hitler have?

Adolf Hitler amassed a large army in Germany and had many types of soldiers in various branches of the military.

What was the oath of Hitler?

The oath of Hitler or the Hitler oath was a pledge of allegiance that the German soldiers were to be sworn by during the "Third Reich" from the start of the 1930's and until the war ended in 1945. It meant that they were sworn loyalty to Hitler. Both soldiers and officers and many civilians were sworn under this oath. I apologize for my poor north European English. :)

How many german soldiers did hitler have?

18.2 million

How many soldiers went to war at the start of World War 2?


How many soldiers were in Hitler's army?

Hitler fights by itself and he got shredd into pieces...MWUHAHAHA

How many people did Hitler have other people kill?

About six million Jews were killed by Adolf Hitler's orders. About 70 million soldiers also died during Hitler's reign and the Second World War alone.

How many troops did Hitler send to the Rhineland?

37,000 soldiers and police

How many soldiers did Hitler have on his side?

None only the jews he owned

How many German soldiers still alive from world war 2?

I know one Rochus Misch he was Hitlers Bodyguard until Hitler Shot himself

How many British soldiers were enrolled at the start of World War 1 and what was their army size throughout the war?


How many people did Adolf Hitler have in his army?

He has 0 people in his army. He commanded soldiers.

How many attempts were made to kill Hitler?

In the 1st world war he was almost killed by a British sniper and a British bomb but, when he was the leader or the Nazi party there was 15 attempts to kill Hitler even his own soldiers tried to kill him.

How many nz soldiers were in World War I?

51 soldiers were involved

How many Italian American soldiers fought in World War 2?

How many US soldiers served in World War 2?

How many soldiers participated in both of the world wars?

120 million soldiers in world war 1 and An estimated 150 million soldiers in world war 2

How many soldiers from all over the world fought in world war 1?

how many soldiers fought in world war 1hundreds of thousands

How many Oklahomans served in World War 1?

There were many soldiers that served in World War I from around the world. The state of Oklahoma provided 75 of these soldiers.

How many wars did Hitler start?

That is a debatable question, if he started any war, many would say it to be World War 2. Really it takes two or more people to start a war and I wouldn't blame just Hitler for starting World War 2. Hitler had an aggressive attitude towards getting back lost land that Germany lost in World War 1, but then it was France and Britain that declared war on him when he invaded half of Poland that really 'lit the match'.

How many soldiers were employed to start a machine guns?

It wasn't soldiers who invented machine guns.

How many people joined Hitler in his killing?

It would be difficult to say exactly but there were thousands of people, including soldiers and ordinary people, who joined Hitler in his killing.

Why was Hitler going to war?

Hitler wanted, like many dictators, to rule the world.

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