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How many soldiers died in World War One?

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Deaths in a war can be calculated in many ways. Usually the figures represent the deaths of soldiers on active duty, civilians killed by direct military action and similar - but ignore deaths from wounds at a later time, deaths from general privation, deaths from disease and similar.
The total number of casualties (killed and wounded) in World War I, both military and civilian, is generally estimated to be about 37 million: 16 million deaths and 21 million wounded.
The deaths include 9.7 million military personnel and about 6.8 million civilians. Allied losses were 5.7 million soldiers and the Central Powers about 4 million.

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How many Asian soldiers died in World War I and World War 2?

Over one million Asian soldiers died in World War 1.

How many American have died in combat since world war 1?

How many American soldiers died in world war one? i have no clue says the combat ministrator How many American soldiers died in world war one? i have no clue says the combat ministrator

How many Australian soldiers fought in World War 1?

300,000 soldiers fought in world war one,62,000 died leaving 228,000 soldiers

How many Turkish soldiers were died in World War one?

15000 Turkish strong solders were died

How many people died in the trenches during World War 1?

Approximatly one million soldiers died in the trenches in world war one

How many Germans died in World War 1?

2,036,897 soldiers will killed in World War One.

What war killed the most soldiers?

World War One. Precise figures are impossible because of incomplete Russian totals from both world wars, but there is agreement that more soldiers died in World War One than in World War Two. Many millions of soldiers died in both world wars.

How many soldiers were killed in the Holocuast?

About one or two soldiers died with the exception of the SS

How many soldiers have died in a War?

about 2.5milion soldiers die at the war.Especially at the Afghanistan war. and you were one

How many soldiers were shot for cowardice in World War 1?

306 soldiers were shot for cowardice in world war one

How many American soldiers died in World War 2 and how many British soldiers died?

This is one of the Most Difficult Questions in Armed Conflicts, Casualties.Near 60 years have passed from the end of the World and that question cannot be answered property, because all the sources have different numbers. There are some 400 000 KIA in the American Toll and some 500 000 KIA in british one

How many soldiers did Germany have in World War 2 at any one time?

over 10,000 soldiers were used for the battle.

How many people where killed in World War I?

More than nine million soldiers and civilians died in world war one. unforchunatlymore than 15 million people were killed

How many japanese soldiers died at pearl harbor?

29 japanese aircraft went down, one solo submarine was captured.Is it safe to say that 29 Japanese soldiers were died?

How many British Soldiers were executed for desertion and cowardice?

306 british soldiers got executed for cowardice in World War One.

What was one consequence of World War 2?

many people died notonly because of the 2 bombs (hiroshima and nagasaki) but also because of hitlers jew camps and because of the soldiers who died in the war itself.

How many American soldiers died in Germany after World War 2 ended?

Five died when UXO exploded at the police station in Bremen.Three civilians working for the occupation died when their house was fire-bombed.Six died as a result of hostile fire from Soviets.One was killed by a jealous husband in the American SectorNumerous soldiers died in plane crashes and accidents.

How many people died from chlorine gas in World War One?

It is estimated that only about 3% of World War I casualties were caused by poison gas. However there were many soldiers who were severely disabled due to exposure to various kinds of these gases.

How many Austro-Hungry soldiers fought during World War 1?

During World War One, around 3,000,000 Austro-Hungarian soldiers fought

How many Afghan soldiers have died since us invasion?

this is a bad question make a better one

How many died building the World Trade Center?

No one died buidling the World Trade Centers?

What was one place where the Cold War was and ldquohot and and U.S. soldiers fought and died?

What was one place where the Cold War was "hot" and U.S. soldiers fought and died

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