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The Napoleonic Wars had an extremely high death toll. European military casualties are estimated to have been at 2,500,000. Added to that, another 1,000,000 civilian deaths occurred as a result of the wars as well. These figures are on the low end of the dispute among historians. Some believe, the death toll was closer to 7,000,000 than 3,500,000.

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How many Australian Soldiers have died in all wars?

Around 102 744 Australians Soldiers have died in all wars

How many American soldiers died in each what wars?

List "the following wars."

How many Roman soldiers died in the Punic Wars?

About 450,000.

How many US soldiers have died in all the wars?


How many American soldiers have died in all wars?

more then a million

How many Canadian soldiers have died in all the wars?

i believe it was about 107886

How many people died in the 20th century in wars?

Over 203 million soldiers died in the 20th century in wars (American.)

How many soldiers have died in us wars?

A little over 1.56 Million people

How many soldiers of all countries died in war?

There is no way to answer this- wars go back to before there were reliable records.

What war killed the most soldiers?

World War One. Precise figures are impossible because of incomplete Russian totals from both world wars, but there is agreement that more soldiers died in World War One than in World War Two. Many millions of soldiers died in both world wars.

Where would people be if Charles Drew didnt create the blood bank?

Many more soldiers would have died in wars.

How many American troops were sent to Iraq and Afghanistan?

Over 2 million soldiers were deployed for duty in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Over 6 thousand of these soldiers died.

How many people went to war and died?

There is no answer to this question, because no one knows how many soldiers have died in war (as you said "gone to war", I presume you mean soldiers rather than non-combatants). Even in modern wars soldiers go MIA (missing in action) and sometimes no one ever finds out what happened to them. This would apply even more so in ancient wars, wars between tribes, guerrilla wars against occupying forces or colonial powers, or wars that took place over very large areas, such as the American Civil War and the two world wars. Often it is not known how many people even took part in wars, let alone how many were killed in them.

How many United States soldiers have died in past wars?

About 650,000 combat deaths and about 1.3 million combat and "other" deaths.

How many american soldiers died in veitnam?

58,000 soldiers died

2007 how many us soldiers have died in Iraq?

2,872 soldiers have died as of 2006 2,872 soldiers have died as of 2006

How many soldiers died in ww2?

Over 60 million soldiers died

How many soldiers lost their lives in the world wars?

to much

How many soldiers died in Panama?

There were 23 US soldiers who died in Panama. However, it is estimated that the Panamanian soldiers who died were about 314.

How many Americans have died in wars since 1776?

Very many Americans have died in wars since 1776. The number of Americans that have died in the wars is in the hundred of thousands.

How many US soldiers have died?

I found out that 620,000 soldiers have died per year.

How many German soldiers died in ww1?

2,050,897 German soldiers died in ww1

How many soldiers died in the battle of Trenton?

only 2 amarican soldiers died

Was the trench wars a form brutal combat in which many soldiers died?

Indeed. See link below:

How many soldiers have served in Iraq and Afghanistan?

The USA has had wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Around 2.5 million soldiers have served in these wars, according to the Department of Defense.

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